Sunday afternoon/evening run............

Hey kids,

Leaving the Dome roundabout at 4pm in the Shell garage. back to the Ace for 7/8ish.

Its a fantastic little route of 60 ish miles each way.

Brisk pace, no 125’s 30 means 30!!

Ride at your own pace and risk. No hedge trimmers need apply.

If I can get all my chores done by then I will be there.


maybe. still a bit tired from yesterday, i’ll see how i feel later on. :slight_smile:

Would have but will still be at brands at that time

When my service is done :smiley:

Its all good rusty, we are keeping under the magic number.

sigh not a hope, still fighting with an alarm system.


Another fantastic skim through the leafy lanes of Bucks. That road never gets boring :smiley:
I’m sure Kev will post when he’s cleaned himself up :hehe:

haha twas very good!!

sorry i baked in my leathers yesterday, just couldnt take another one…glad you had a good one. :slight_smile:

Well that is the definition of an interesting ride. Hit a blind summit with a steep drop off at <cough>, resulting significant air time. Heart rate heaven! :smiley:

However on the return leg nearly got taken out by a red estate car who decided to pull out. All would have be well because he was heading the opposite direction but for some reason he crossed the centre of the road onto my side and right into my line as a 90° left hander was approaching. Brembo = instant stoppie despite having ABS. Heart rate zero. So close and he didn’t bat an eye lid and drove off, leaving me to change my trousers.

After a fuel stop I let the others go head, I wanted to keep things smooth.

Dropping on the A4146 I got stuck because a police van who flash his blues when I was going to over take on a nice straight. The A4146 is a little dull when following a police van sticking to the limits. Still I got the better of him when it went from a 30 to 60. :slight_smile:

Good to see you back on terra firma mate, I was worried that you’d strayed into MOD airspace. :hehe:

haha poor bugger you did look a bit shook up!!

Now that would have been worth watching, Kevsta airborne :slight_smile:
Hope to make the next one…