Sunday 8th May 2016 TOWiE

We Southerners meeting up anywhere? Google reckons Dartford Tunnel M25 then A12 is best for me.

Ah, so there are two runs tomorrow, this one and the BCR ( ).  I’ll be coming along for this one, as 10am for this is easier for me that 8:30am at the other one.  

Destination help



I should be there this time :slight_smile:

We are just rising from our pit so should be there

See you at the Bungalow diner :slight_smile:

Have fun you lot, one of my favourite runs👌

Late up this morning… Another time :slight_smile:

This one is a little different Frank  you’ve sampled some of the tarmac we’re on today but I think I’ve come up with some new tarmac to join the dots!

There’s been an accident at j19 A12 slip road with the a138
Be carefull if your coming up from London the A12 is shut northbound 

Slept in today :sweat:

What a fantastic day for a fantastic ride. We got caught in the A12 diverted traffic on the way to the Bungalow but after that it was brilliant,

Thanks to NT for a day to treasure.

Good to see Desmond again after what seemed like a long stretch.

Good to see Thanh again after more than 2 years. He seems to have forgiven us for whatever transgression we made that caused his disappearance. I hope it is not so long until next time.

Thanks to Nick for TG-ing. The only man I know to be relieved that he had a flat back tyre.

Thanks to Martin for TG-ing too.

Thanks to all for the company

Excellent day.

Nice loops thanks Art and Bluelagos, Aceman and Sir Ben for tailgunning.

Good company with Squishbang and Blu the only thing missing was J and his Feyonce.

BCR claims another victim (tyre),  though the puncture was safely plugged (Thx for the help) and got to watch the mighty Braintree town as planned :slight_smile:

That’s cause you went to the wrong cafe :wink:

Haha, it’s not personal. Winter came and winter went so I’m back on rideouts :slight_smile:

Thanks NT for the great road! Great day - maybe a tad on the warm side for me.

Cheers Aceman and Ben Amos for tailgunning.

Nice to meet brains and everyone else I forgot the name of already…

Happy Days, here are the routes Papillion, Simargl and Down Under. Glad you enjoyed then, no prizes for guessing which is which





Beautiful weather







Nice day and nice routes.Thanks all. Especially NT.

And one of Sue from yesterday