Sunday 8th July Ride

I know it’s not much notice but there will be a ride on Sunday leaving the Ace at 10am sharp. We’ll be following route 14 which is about 120 miles.

I have been informed this will be a ‘spirited’ ride, so probably not suitable for L’s.

Please arrive with a full tank of fuel

sorry mate, might not make this one…i wont get up in time…just off to bed now, got in late from my “other” blast out tonight, after got back from our one?..

leaving the ace at 10!!

ooooooh route 14!! what a good un! who chose that!!

see ya there

Well we would have come but prefer route 9 - nothing at all to do with the fact we were still in bed at 10

Whats with the route 14 and route 9, or is it on a need to know basis ?

Be there at 14.30 for route 69

Yeah, how do we know if its worth turning up if we cant check out the route? Are you worried that plod’ll setup some nice photography for ya?

Must admit, I’m a bit puzzled by that ?

route X is the only one that the police should be worried about!! the numbered routes are all good! just ask that terry motto blokey??

route 69! you didnt do the real route 69!!

the real route 69 is a bit more than the ace to foxes diner!

So what the hell is route 14 and 9 then ?

I chose to change to route 147 as route 69 was a bit erm…unorganised, lol. I do believe the version of route 69 used on Sunday did include slightly more than a standard trip to foxes diner

well route 9 is…erm…route 9!

and route 14 is erm …route 14!

there are several numbered routes that are all very good and cover seperate areas of the country!

there is only one route X.

route x is wicked

was out on it with terry and adam its greattttttttttttttt


Well Thanks, Its all so much clearer

if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em lol

… A H E M …excuse me for being utterly naive…but if u can tell me what exactly are these routes 14-9…etc… i may plan something for myself for this weekend…