Sunday 8th December Christmas Market rideout (can't promise fish)

Depart the Ace 9.30 am. Tailgunner to be chosen by drawing of straws.

Depart Box Hill 10.30 am. Please note for those leaving from the Ace, this is not a breakfast stop but just a pick up at Rykas.

Full tanks (Mr J please note) and empty bladders, no nobbers, no 125s.

Ride to a Christmas Market (bah humbug) and lunch - maybe not fish but could be seasonal. Mulled wine available for pillion passengers. Possible reindeer encounters. Fancy dress not required:)

Route there and back through glorious English countryside including lanes, gravel and all the usual attractions. No fords planned as yet but who knows?:smiley:

Back in the twilight.

Cornerman system will be used. If you haven’t used it before, read here: or ask anyone on the ride before setting off.

For those who like a “Guess the Venue” quiz - it’s got associations with water and crowns:D

Canute at Bosham by any chance :wink:

Thank god your not in CID.:Whistling:

So am I :Wow:

Just explain to everyone where exactly in Bosham you might fit a Christmas market, even with full police backup, there is just not enough space unless you call in the divers and drain the estuary for the day.

Really Rusty tis is a poor call by anyones standards.

That said we did purchace a glass of the finest cider known to man or woman there and met a member of the AK 47 posse (allegedly) and will be back.

Overall the marks for your febrile guess are 0/10.

Looser. :angry:

I`m so annoyed as I pay for guys like this out of my taxes.:ermm:

Winchester ?


No and no.:slight_smile:

Ypres :slight_smile:

Damn, I have new tyres and brakes and hoping to join you guys (as I’ve not been on a group ride for ages!) … but sadly I have SERV training from 10:00 to 13:00

Oi Jets…you shat the bed or something, no need to get personal about it…just because I made a connection with King Canute (crown) and Bosham (water) does not make me a bad person :smiley:

Never been to Bosham though so f*ck knows if you could get a Christmas market or a Smart car in it for all I care.

Very sorry Rusty :frowning:

Let’s kiss and make up :wink:

im really missing out, must get my bog bike licence sorted

still use a varadero 125

Subject to Saturday night’s activity, I may well see you :smiley:

The list is long, take your pick Christmas Markets… Chichester, Salisbury, there’s many north, south, east and west. :smiley: Not too sure what our plans are for this weekend as yet, work dictates at the mo.

We are going to one further afield next weekend, good ole duty free on the way back too :w00t:

Rochester, Medway

No correct guesses so far, so no free visits to Santa`s grotto.:stuck_out_tongue:


No, sorry Art you have made two mistakes, this is your official warning that as stated in the small print, a third wrong entry will result in you buying lunch for those who attend.:smiley: