Sunday 8th - Boxhill to portsdown hill via pirbright esses

Rightio, to celebrate getting my bike back I am planning a day in the saddle sunday :smiley: The pace will be average as have a track day monday so need the bike in one piece!!


Will be leaving Boxhill at 9.30 sharp, anyone not been on a rideout before or doesn’t know me PM me for my number and call me when your there, I’ll be there at 9 onwards. I will stand near my bike, black/red cbr600 with gold wheels.


  • Pirbright Esses, fantastic ‘circuit’ of constant bends, not particularly fast but technical and some definate peg grinding opportunities. We will probably do a couple of loops as it only takes 5 mins roughly.

  • Farnham to Hindhead, those that went on chips ride last week will know how beautifull this part is. Lots of 40’s so have to be respectfull but sometimes it’s nice to calm down and enjoy the scenery :slight_smile:

  • After a boring bit on the A3 we catch the best bit of the 272 to a biker cafe called Loomies where a burger and fuel can be had (there is a total garage next to it, its not some weird cafe that sells petrol :P)

  • Portsdown hill, great view over portsmouth and also another popular bike meeting place with burgers on offer.

Then we’ll get back up to midhurst>billinghurst>boxhill via the 272. There will be regular stops to regroup and 3 different opportunites to grab a bite to eat etc. disclaimer - these will be burger type places, if your on a diet or want sushi bring a packed lunch. I can’t be held responsible for your continuing weight gaining

Will be using cornerman system, it’s explained in the stickies in this section if your unsure about it. There is no limits on numbers, but I would like to know rough people expected so copy and past the list and add your name to it pretty please.

  1. Leon1984
  2. chips (he hasn’t confirmed but I’ll make him come :cool: )

for those scared of the unkown or like to know mileage this is the route

Nice route.

I’m in.


S’gonna be wet.

forecast that at the moment, well light showers. Bet by sat the forecast is totally different though!

fancy a can of… man up!?


Unfortunatly I can’t make Sunday as have other commitments. Have a good time. I know the roads and can recommend them.

Can’t be sure of the route (try using the link option at the top of the google maps page instead of postign screenshots) but a good option is to leave the A32 and get on B2177 then turn down Ashleydown Lane and emerge by Fort Nelson. Technical, but fun!

its already changed from all day light showers too dry/cloudy and 16 degrees… I’ll take that

I’m up for this, it would be good to give some of those roads a go again.

I’m going out with some French girlies (alriiiiiiiight) the night before, so may be too hung over/otherwise engaged in the morning. So I’ll keep you posted! :wink:

Unfortunately I am unable to attend this event, but would love to join you in the near future. Ride Safe. :slight_smile:

Possibly in.

IN IN IN IN IN on the SV I’m getting in the morning!!!

Boyssss i am for this one!!!

Looking forward to it whether if it rains, storms or is magnifically sunny.

If any cancellations please let us know.


Would be nice to see ya David,

on your Fazer R1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Please dont tease us :frowning:

I went shopping for a can of Man-Up but all i found was this

I’m working :frowning:

IF it doesnt rain and IF no other disasters occours (my dad is really sick back home at the moment) i will be joining too.

you’re going to make me wake up at bloody unchristian time but whatever… :smiley:

good stuff, you guys are really nailing the copy and paste your name onto a list :stuck_out_tongue:

ooo might be tempted to come and see your new stead :stuck_out_tongue:

we shall race till we can race no more!!! :smiley: