Sunday 7th.

Long shot I know, but does anyone fancy west bay or lyme regis for lunch on sunday ? I will already be in devon but will be up for a bimble about on sunday. so Jetstream, Franc R1,Joby are you up for it.

EAA for me. Sorry


Possibly if the weather holds :smiley:

Would luv to, but attending a 40th birthday bash on Sat night… So it’s gonna get messy… Have fun…

fun you bet Franc, I’m down there all week, cant wait, there will be one happy bunny in the morning heading south. :smiley:

well if it rains we could book into a hotel for a while. :blush:

You sure the warranty on your hips cover that sort of shenanigans? :grinning:

i’m sure it doesnt :laugh:

Sorry Jamie, we’re out for this Sunday as working Sunday morning for a bit. Might be out in the afternoon but it’s a tad too far for that. Enjoy yer hols:)

My pal Martin and I are out this Sunday around the southern counties, so give us a text if you want to meet for a cuppa in the avo at box or something. :slight_smile:

Where would we be meeting? Is Devon on the M4?