Sunday 7 November

A route taking in eleven of England’s more obscure famous gems. See if you can guess them from the clues.

  1. A famous settlement of the Catuvellauni tribe

  1. Home of Apsley Cherry-Garrard, polar explorer

  1. Site of the most severe hailstorm in British history (1697 - the balls were swollen to 4" in diameter)

  1. The site of John Bunyans 12 year imprisonment, where he wrote “The Pilgrim’s Progress” (please all read beforehand)

  1. A place so boring that even the Black Death gave it a miss, as we may well do too

  1. Home of Britain’s bull-running festival - a precursor of Pamplona (but abandoned in 1837 to to Health&Safety considerations)

  1. The original town in the expression “Painting the Town Red” circa 1837

  1. Home of Thomas Cook of travel fame.

  1. Site of King Charles’ victory over Fairfax in the Civil War (more famous for Mr J’s Mum being the headmistress of the primary school pre-WWII):wink:

  1. “On the early morning of Tuesday 26 February 1935 the radio station at Borough Hill was used for the first-ever practical demonstration of radar, by its inventor Robert Watson-Watt and Arnold Frederic Wilkins, who used a radio receiver installed in a trailer to receive signals bounced off a metal-clad Handley Page Heyford bomber flying across the radio transmissions. The interference picked up from the aircraft allowed its approximate navigational position to be estimated”

  1. Erstwhile home of Europe’s largest cattle market.

Usual Sunday rideout rules apply - no nobbers, Harleys or 125s, ride at your own risk, rock up at the Ace with a full tank of petrol and a sense of humour.

Departure 9.00 am sharp from the Ace - it’s a full day out & we won’t be able to wait for anyone. Back after dark so bring clear visors.

Anyone want some???:smiley:

Let’s have some guesses at the clues then …

Ah sadly I won’t be making it as I’ll be in rural Cheltenham for the weekend… so it will be a safer ride for you lot!

Enjoy and post some good pics - looks really beautiful!!! :slight_smile:

What a shame, there are many corners and hedges to be explored on this ride. We`ll have to ride in strimming mode ourselves in your absence.:smiley:

Next time let me be Rider A and then you can all marvel in my magnificence when I take my cornering to the next level, actually joining that old lady in the house for a cup of tea!

Seriously though, I’m gutted I’ll be away as it was really good fun last Sunday! Take care and ride safe :slight_smile:

im in, subject to weather conditions!

Get guessing on some of the clues then;)

Some of these roads may well be beyond your competance.:wink:

They require skill, determination and incontinence.

And a full tank:D

last ones banbury cross, last one to the top buys the coffe…:stuck_out_tongue:


A fine effort Ang:D

Yet another Sunday when I can’t come out to play :frowning:

i think no.10 is Daventry.

That was a quick look this morning, made me late for work! :smiley:

You made him feel like a teacher all over again marking that :w00t::wink: Have a housepoint as well:)

i have just been told im in cardiff watching 32 burly men fight over a oddly shapped ball!

We always did have an odd suspicion about you:w00t:

32??? Isnt that cheating. Where does the 16th player play? Maybe he’s the second full back?:smiley:

[Nitpick]re #9 - surely Charles lost the battle of Naseby?[/Nitpick]

bike’s back but needs more testing, so i’ll be off to the 272 for a very quick lap around to test suspensions etc, sorry i cant be of company this weekend but cant risk having to wait for recovery and spoil the day for the rest of you :wink: