Sunday 7.10.12 The Exxon Valdez ridout.

Once again we need to monitor our oil usage.

So we propose a medium paced ride as the Bedford TK Oil Bowser is not the fastest support vehicle.

So we were thinking somewhere pretty not a million miles from the Ace.

Any suggestions?

Should no suggestions appear in the next 20 minutes we will as ever revert to our despotic selves.

Till then we are open and accepting. ( Time check 21.58 3/10/12 )

Ok yer fecked due to antipathy.

So the choice is mine.:slight_smile:

Ill sleep on it for a day or two as Im in reptilian mode.

Weston super Mare, Much Wenlock, Wendover woods tea hut, Wye Valley, Walton on the Naze, West Wittering, Wast water, Workington, Whitehaven, Ware, West Lulworth, Wigan, Woolwhich, Westerdale, Whensleydale, Wembley, Woollaton Hall, Worcester, Wilton, Willoughby Waterleys, Wakefield, Windsor, etc

Punt yer choice and we`ll be ready to abuse and ignore you.:stuck_out_tongue:

No 125s, Harleys except Choprocker, BMWs except Curvy Babe or Geoff. No Italian exotica and that`s final.
Trumpets welcome, you can share the oil bowser with us.

This ride will be fun wherever it goes and will include candid photos and a cream tea.

thanks for the exception but you will be pleased to know i aint got a harley now, lol, triumph bonneville.

So youre in, well start the list.

  1. Choprocker. On his new Bonnie.

  2. Curvy Ally.

  3. Scorch.

  4. Tom Matthews.

  5. Daniel GT.

  6. Rusty 99.

  7. R1 Franc.

  8. Rixxy.

  9. Art.

10.David V.


12.Slipper 1.

13.Barney 99.


15.Num Num.:cool:

16.Latin Power.


I’ll be in Greece, if you fancy popping over for the day! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I have to end up in Birmingham on Sunday evening - have to go to Tory Party Confernce for work. Any chance the ride could swing past that sort of area?

oh dear

Pencil me in. Trumpet is running on all four :slight_smile:

Pencil thy in too. If I can get a new one of those circular rubber rings that go on that round thing with a chain attached on the back of the bike that spins really fast depending on how far back I twist my right wrist, then count me in.

Please tell me you’re a professional assassin…

^^^^ hahahahahahaha!

that would actually explain how she gets to change her bike every 2 months or so…:laugh:

She may have to.

I’m in… See you there all.

OH NOOOOO!!! My covers been blown :w00t:

BMW with a wobbly back end - OK ?

If it’s not peeing down (BBC say’s poss rain PM), I am willing to attend :stuck_out_tongue:


The BBC just told us that it’ll be cloudy on Sunday, ready for rain on Monday:)

ps: I think I may have been influenced by some nobbers in the last few months. Will I be penalised?

No, just volunteered for tailgunner:D:D

(Or transporting the anthrax for Ally’s assassination mission):wink: