Sunday 6th November. Constabulatory duty, an old Jetstream favourite.

Depart 9.00am sharp from the Ace, full tank and empty bladder, no nobbers, 125s, Harleys etc.

A sketchy rideout for the artistic types.

Coffee, lunch and a cream tea may be involved, bring yer sketch pads.

As we may get carried away bring a clear visor as we may not be home before dark.

No pick ups at Box Hill, Oakdene etc.

This is a one horse pony.

Ride at yer own risk and tighten yer girth.

Ninjas accepted as a source of amusement.

This is a cultural ride to the dark heart of culture, debutantes are not welcome unless they are female and comely.

north easterly then , Im guessing ?

Looks hurriedly at map

Yes Mr Rosso, or more accurately East by North East.

You got a weekend pass?

not yet, got a day of tomorow though:w00t:

Happy Wedding Anniversary Natalie & Jamie xxxxx

ah bless, thank you very much.

Does this include a ford crossing? Just going by the painting :smiley:

If you met Wayne, you can say, “Hey.” :smiley:

I love these code message posts.

I will be the source of amusement :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

:smiley: tee hee hee

looks like a return to the scene of my first ever jetstream ride out :smiley:

That’s right:) We seem to remember you had an eating fest that day. Who’s going to eat everyone’s cake this time?:w00t:

Is Schubert invited? :smiley:

He’s always invited - if he’s up & running;):slight_smile:

He seems a good contender for a cake eating…

We may be there depending on how much money we spend tomorrow and whether Cindy’s shoulder is still hurting!

Why are you out spending tomorrow??? And how have you injured Cindy in the shoulder?:w00t:

Just limit yourselves to spending about 88p on a packet of Ibuprofen & all will be fine:)

if you were going to a certain tea/cake shop in Bath area, Schubert would be there for sure:)

As Bradford upon Avon is not in Suffolk, we doubt Schubert will attend.

The big question is will anyone else?:slight_smile:

We couldn’t resist the Goodwood Tunnel revup! (and had half-formed plans to visit Bristol that may or may not happen) so will be MIA tomorrow :frowning:

Alas, not me. :pinch:

Another 4 yr old’s birthday party to attend. At least I WILL get cake. :cool: Albeit pinky, sickly stuff.