Sunday 6th June Newbie/125 L Plates rideout

Ok folks am thinking of a bimble about and at present the intended direction is around the south downs and the tandridge/godstone area and You are welcome to join in . This is a sedate pace taking in some great twistie roads and to include some stunning views along the way .Going to start from the ace

Head to Newlands via pirbright/deepcut

then head over to the Godstone area

then cutting over from Croydon (area) back to the epsom area and up to the Ace

looking at about 150 miles

more details to be confirmed

Hope you’re going through the more up market bit of Croydon Tim, go anywhere else and you may well find you’re bike is stripped of parts whilst you’re sat at traffic lights :wink: :smiley: :hehe:

Annnyyyy way, not sure what i’m doing then, but if i’m not working may well be up for this :slight_smile:

will be skirting The Main Croydon as such its just heading in that general direction mentioned it so that people can plan their escape :wink: if from that side of the metropolis and be good if you can make it …

Himself is away that weekend so I can play tailgunner if you like?

Me Please :slight_smile:

At present tailgunner position is taken but that may be subject to change but your name is on it if that falls through :slight_smile:

Ty Hanna

be nice to see you as not seen you for ages

And as always Gems your always welcome

Just so that people are aware that after tomorrow night my access to the net will be a bit sparse as am off to cornwall for a few days to have a break and go to Eden project in Spring/Early summer as not been that early …so if you dont get a reply dont panic i will respond as soon as poss…

Can you make sure we aren’t going near any Volvo dealerships?


im game

Can a big bike join(slow rider)

Might be up for this if i have recovered from being on the bike for the last 17 days :smiley:

*Keeps a beady eye on this :wink:

I might be up for this. I was planning a BBCR (birthday breakfast club run), but might tag along on this so I don’t have to lead.

Ha Ha snap on the BBCR!!!

i hope so or i am stuffed lol :stuck_out_tongue:

any size bike welcome new or experienced ridersits the pace that is the main issue … nice and sedate …

Tim, what time you looking at leaving the ace on Sunday? :slight_smile:

Is there a list of people actually going? Oh and i have to be at work for 6 :smiley:

Cant make it now,im working :frowning:

Ok folks

Large bikes are welcome but this is at a pace set towards the lower cc riders

if your a new rider feel free to join in

depending on the day cornerman system may come into play

or it may be a keep it in a group style so if rear riders are held up … before the front riders deviate from that road we will all pull over and wait

i will confirm on the day

Please fill up before setting off

Please ride for youself but wil regards to those around you

leaving ace latest ten thirty

there is a event on that day … i park up by the far end barrier ( next to bins so my bike blends in )

near the end of the day/ride there is an option depending on circumstances

either a cafe stop or a pub stop ( quick food/drink stop) … the reason for the choice is the cafe is based on a site that also houses a reptile shelter and im just pre warning just in case of phobias … im not sure of if the animals etc are visible from cafe …

my bike zzr1100 poppy on mirror stalk

myself … picture on profile

if you want number please pm

List so far:






Mr C




Kev – Newbie to LB

Team MCS - Maybe

Sorry if I missed anyone off please update as required.


Should be game for this unless something explodes between now and sunday ;).