Sunday 31st Dunstable

Planning on going out to test a route for rideouts be around 200 miles and 5 counties Pm me if anyone fancies going
this may be longer or shorter depending how often I get lost :w00t:

best hunt out a pub for lunch as well

The meeting point will be in the usual car park at Dunstable Downsfrom 10am onwards, with an estimated departure time of 10:30am.Remember to fill-up, as you’ll need a full tank of gas. Don’t worry,there will be a fuel stop for those with minimal tank range.

Hi Steve, ill be keen to know what your ride will consist off, send details :stuck_out_tongue:

Would make this Steve but ill be nursing a hangover in Northampton on Sunday! (mates wedding!)

what time and from where?

first post updated with the info


you have PM

outward route with luck :smiley:,-0.672913&spn=0.251618,0.883026&sll=52.762009,-0.882168&sspn=0.015426,0.055189&geocode=FZpBFwMdvPH3_w%3BFbgCGgMddKX6_w%3BFQ6cGwMdmPT4_w%3BFV30HQMdJSz6_w%3BFcDXHgMdwqX3_w%3BFXC4IAMd2PP1_w%3BFdQ5IQMd8Br1_w%3BFeKOIgMdaO70_w%3BFYGqIwMdDRz1_w%3BFQcbJQMdGH7y_w&mra=mi&mrsp=9&sz=14&z=10

^^^^^^^^^oooh buggered that up was supposed to come out small…oh well best find a route home now

found one,-0.525799&sspn=0.015741,0.055189&geocode=FRgbJQMdDH7y_w%3BFbLqIwMdcO7x_w%3BFZi8IAMdMt3x_w%3BFRFXIAMdgt_v_w%3BFTK8HQMdbvDx_w%3BFVrBHQMdpDLy_w%3BFUpFHQMdBK7z_w%3BFWbUHAMdAMHz_w%3BFcmZGwMdHqj3_w%3BFVhiGgMdblH1_w%3BFZpoGAMd-Av3_w%3BFVhvFwMdQtD3_w&mra=mi&mrsp=11&sz=14&z=14