Sunday 29th new to big bike and 125 friendly ride out

Ok folks last chance for a Sunday ride this year …
125 and new to big bike riders welcome as well as sensible others
Leave Ace cafe nw107ud @ 10.30am and head out for a bit of lunch somewhere …only a few hours out and about but quality time not quantity …
Corner man system in place
Also if not too windy or too wet …

This sounds good but I can’t go tomorrow… :crying: please please can you organise another one soon?

Looks nice no takers
Can you cope with an experienced rider who is happy to wait if too quick ?


Hi Tim, I’ll be up for this, been itching to get the bike out :slight_smile:

Dave as long as it doesn’t involve overtaking the leader as I have a nasty habit of taking the next turning immediately lol … look out for a blue kawasaki gtr1000 with poppy on fairing … …

see you chaps at the Ace in the morning, weather is looking promising.

See you at the Ace, be good to see the usual suspects.

Hope to see you there!

will see you guys at the ace. I recognise few LBers so finding you guys wont be a trouble.

Right see you in the morning
Bike will be a Green CB500 rather modified
Me black cordura bit overweight and short brown hair going grey !


I’ll see you in the morning :smiley:

I would be well up for this if it wasn’t a big UFC fight tonight that I have to watch tomorrow morning.
If by some miracle I get through the fights before 10am I can make 10:30 but it isn’t a definite.

Can I be put down as a maybe?

Any idea on the route we are going?

Managed to watch all the fights- well, watching the last one now- so I think I’m be good to make the ride out.
I’m Australian so any conversation about cricket will be gleefully entered into.:wink:

This is my bike:

If Trumph decides to play nicely and doesn’t try to self destruct in some way (like it usually does!), I’ll start piling on my 15 layers of thermals and see you down @ The Ace.

Oi your not getting out of it that easy Janey :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m here but don’t know which group is you lot.
Help! :wink:

Immortal Indian has an old blade and slug owns a grey/silver Ducati - just go and set the alarms off. Lol

Be slightly late as on accident scene on m25 nothing major and not involved .

I really wish my bike was fixed (and I was in LDN right now) as I’d really be up for that. Hope to go on a ride out with you guys soon :slight_smile: