Sunday 28th Sept Eastwards Escapades ...

I’m in.

Newbie here seeking permission to tag along?

permission granted
learn/understand cornerman system pleaee located in main rideout thread

Cheers, I have educated myself. See you Sunday, weather permitting.


do you know when and where lunch is?

I’m working saturday night, so depending how i feel i may come a meet you for the second half.

I’m a maybe. Just waiting to see what other obstacles are going to appear between now and then!

Yeahhhh finally decided and it stays that way

I just love a decisive man… :smiley:

Same caveats as everyone else: if the weather’s ok and is life doesn’t throw a spanner in my works, then see ya Sunday x

I’m not allowed out to play this weekend! Got loads of DIY shite to finish off :angry:

One’s still angry about me upgrading the bike whilst she was on hols! Lol… So as penance I’ve been a DIY bitch upgrading the house! Lol

If I manage to escape who knows!

new bike and not allowed to ride it
f that id just kick her out and dump her mate…:pinch:

Rights its a plan … See first post for the NEW New details …

the weather so far is looking good

Still??!?! That’s been forever!!

Worth it though, no? :slight_smile:

Let me know how long it lasts as I may have to go down that route

Just buy her a potting shed, a new car and kitchen…worked for me :smiley:

OK Rockerfeller :slight_smile:

In a different scenario how do you get yer pillion to agree to a change???:w00t:

You can’t :hehe:

Yes well worth it cost me another £2k indoors, but peanuts in comparison :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To be fare i just need to finish of what i started… Been on hols and out every weekend since…etc so

Plus i get a pass every Sunday :smiley: shes a top girl been engaged 9 years… The new bike just pushed the big day back a touch :Whistling:

But hey Franc, its been 9 years so whats another few eh?