Sunday 28th Sept Eastwards Escapades ...

Right folks

Life Has Changed Somewhat and as a result I am moving for my new Job not too far away and this also means my time will be very haphazard (4days on 2 off).So in essence my leading of rides will be extremely rare ( wbcr may happen now and again )

So Next Sunday I plan a Essex Rideout hopefully to rival the fun had on this

but without the lost people , back problems etc etc

Right New to Big bikes welcome but sadly not open to L plates or 125 due to motorway use

So The details are as follows

Depart Ace café at 0900 ( look for Fuggly ( my Bike )

Eastsiders can meet us at the Macdonalds at Mountnessing CM15 8SD

There is a BP station there as well so can we all fill tanks at this point .

Estimated arrival Time is 09.50 so please be there for then … I aim to depart there at 10.15 at the latest

We shall have a brief Jammy Wee and stretch stop around 11.30

Lunch will be Approx 1.30 This shall be a Carvery affair followed by a Fuel stop for the final leg

The eastside departure point will be the A12 and from there I will be returning to the Ace using the motorway network

Mileage approx. 200 ace to ace

Full Tanks please …

Consideration to other road users a must … Play nicely

30 will mean that the rest may be a bit fuzzy due to the vibration of my visor

Will your avatar be changing?

I’m up for this but The link to the eastenders meeting doesn’t take me anywhere.

brook street petrol station near brentwood near jcn of a12/m25

Cool, perfect for me as I’m 5 mins from there :slight_smile:

im in ,gutted i missed all the rides today but seem to have become addicted to track days done 4 in 6 weeks so next week time to hit the roads.:smiley:

Could be up for this, weather dependant of course. :wink:

This looks good! I haven’t been on a Tim ride yet (not a proper one at least). I’m in, weather dependent also! :slight_smile:

See Ruth, you can never stay away from Essex. It won’t be long and you’ll be wearing White Silettos and have a Nice Perma Glow Orange Tan :smiley:

I know, I’ll be borrowing your stilettoes and visit your favourite salon soon!!:w00t:

Sammy Essex :smiley:

Weather should be good. I’m in.


ps. 125 friendly would be good, imho.

I’m working nights so I’m not going to make it :disappointed:

Looks pretty much the same now as it did back in December 2012

The 8 Ball, now joined by Loomies, closed for lunch …

breakfast and evening meals :angry:

Hmm was not an ideal venue to be true … anyway Route is planned .
Sadly no 125/l plates as may need to make use of motorway on route there or back
The route may Include a few known sections by some but then the old local knowledge part kicks in for some overlooked gems .
Please fill your tanks at brentwood so that it gives a rough average for all before fuel is needed.
Morning break is a bit Jammy
Luncheon will be a pub affair
Afternoon break will be a fuel stop incorporated (approx 100 miles from brentwood )
Then a return to the Ace
Usual rules apply cornerman etc

Morning cream teas :smiley:

Maybe I should treat Mrs Art to one of those, just 15 minutes from our door too.

What time you planning to pull in there :ermm:

I should be up for this, and I think I’ll even take the boxes off for the occasion.

Also I’ll be up for tailgunning.

Cool, I’ll pull off back at Brentwood on the return an not the ACE :slight_smile:

Right Start Times Updated folks see first post !!!

Jammy stop Art looks roughly 11.30 if all goes to plan !