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Sunday 28th October - LB support show off!

The Run to the Beat Half Marathon is fast approaching and I think I speak for each of the people who have agreed to run this in saying THANK YOU for your generous donations to help support the LAA :slight_smile:

We haven’t quite hit target yet so keep them coming :wink:

We’ve all been fundraising and training hard and it would be fantastic to see as many of you as possible supporting us on the day, details of the route can be found here: Route

See you there!!! :cool: :slight_smile:

I’ll be going down there to support Chris, anyone else likely to be in the crowd let me know and we can meet up, cheer them on and then try to photograph Team LB as they cross the finish line.


hey Mrs J,

can you give us some more details like what time does it start?

i would love to come over and cheer people up with little Maxy.

he could even come handy to make them run a bit faster :laugh:

Well the race start time is 9.45 am, but the runners will obviously have to be there earlier. I will be going on the tube with Chris to make sure he doesn’t jib off at the last minute:D

You & I can arrange to meet up, along with anyone coming along to support at a designated place and we can try to track the team down.

We’re going down to the O2 on Saturday for registration and I hope to have a better idea of what to do after that.


That’ll be so much fun, I’ll be coming on the tube as well.

Well, that’s gonna have to be a surprise so keep the donations coming!!! :w00t:

Well Ive donated my bit, its down to the rest of LB to see who does or does not want to see you naked.

Hope not to receive any more donations myself because that would just be wrong.:w00t:

I will be there, that should be reason enough to come.

HOWEVER, part of the course is a short walk from the tea hut if anyone wanted to head down on their bikes before a rideout. My guess is we’d be at Greenwich park somewhere around 10:15 - 11:15 (i think there’s a range of abilities running) as it’s in the last few miles.

We will also be really easy to spot as we are in the LAA t shirts.

Thanks for that!! :blush: :laugh: :laugh:

Check out the team page - almost at the target:)

Some more information about the route and view points

OK, Julie has a plan for the morning, any other supporters make yourselves known and a meeting point can be worked out.