Sunday 23rd March. Lunch-on-Sea.

Is it summer?:w00t::smiley:

The mercury went over 15 degrees so that is a green light. Leathers and helmet cleaned this morning, new chain and sprockets before lunch. People were checking me out because I’m really cool.

Enjoy the ride! Was down that way today. Lovely weather and great roads. Jackie and I lunched in Chichester because the excellent Half Moon could not accommodate card payments today. Came back a very long way round using the maximum number of A roads with an 8 in them. :slight_smile:


Think you left out the odd letter here and there.:smiley:

its the effect of a certain Renault van that we all know:)

Didn’t take the ferry then? - We have desperately searched for “that” photo to no avail :frowning:

Unfortunately, we can only do part time biking for the next couple of weekends - and we love the seaside so much.

Have a great ride and we’ll see you in April

Well at least we can get ahead in the Tablecloth Challenge. What a shame, we’ll miss you, hope to see you soon:kiss:

Can we go fast? Can we, can we, can we…

We all might tootle along a bit but you’ll have to stick to low speeds as you’ve been out of the saddle for the last few months:P

Walk first…and remember roundabouts are for going around not straight on.
Also no mention of Stone Henge :smiley:

Will be in Tadley, so enjoy the ride.

What time and where will we be for lunch?

I need to be in NW9 for 3 P.M to join a bunch of scooters for a very special young lady’s birthday…

I will prob see you at the ace, but then I’m off on a mission with a mate from there.

Have fun you lot:P

The Pride of Hayling?





That’s a dinky ferry

I was thinking of riding to stone henge myself never seen it, if people are going another time I’ll be up for that

Many thanks Chris for leading, good morning out, great company :slight_smile: shame I had to miss the lunch and the roads back…

Well that was a excellent rideout. Bike now looks a lot more rugged. I’ll post the route later. Great to see everyone again. I’ll catch you all soon.

Nice day out… . Hopefully next time the weather will be nicer.

Thanks for the ride.