Sunday 23rd March. Lunch-on-Sea.

Time to hit the South Coast for a spot of refreshing sea air and equally refreshing comestibles:cool:

Depart the Ace Cafe 10.00am prompt.
Pick up at Box Hill to depart 11.00am prompt.

A relatively scenic route to Mrs J`s favourite beach cafe for lunch, rubbing shoulders with the odd beach hut. (pets welcome, vegetarians catered for)

Returning via the Maldives and some more scenic/technical roads.

Rock up with a full tank and empty bladder.
No nobbers.

Cornerman system will be employed if a few of you join us.

Ride at yer own pace as long as you don`t overtake the leader.:slight_smile:
Neither we nor LB can be held responsible for any accidents, speeding tickets, ferry rage or civil unrest.:wink:


Just to let you know its Overland & Adventure Bike Day at the Ace tomorrow.

Why? I’ve always wanted to ride the Maldives

We included a Box Hill pick up with you in mind:D

Yea, but they will not be in rideout mode:laugh:

I’m going to be there helping man the TRF stand, so no ride-out for us this week. Enjoy the beach :slight_smile:

Hope the sales go well.

Until Royal Mail deliver the 3.000, 2.850 & 2.825 shims together with that £3.00 ‘O’ ring the Bonne sits in the stables where its tethered :crying:

I’ve every faith that the boys and girls in red will have them here on Monday :slight_smile:

im working until 3pm :crazy:

shame sounds like would be a good day out

Didn`t know the RCMP did deliveries.

Oh, it will be, enjoy work;)

thanks I will :Whistling::Wow::angry:

I’m in :slight_smile:

Cheeky, these boys and girls in red

good luck with them I think you have more chance in seeing the RCMP coming down your road :w00t:

Ah a trip to ‘The Maldives’ … I know someone who lives there :cool: and a Bluebird café lunch mm how could one refuse :slight_smile: … I’ll come up and meet you guys at Box then…

you can see my house from here :slight_smile:

mildly apt for Art previous exploits …

I’ll see you tomorrow.