Sunday 22.2.15 Woof. A ride to Swingersville.

A chance to buy vacuum bags for yer travels and get coffee in a town renowned for free sex and dried pigs ears and Pampas grass in every street.

This ride may not meet everyone’s requisites but Heigh Ho.

Depart the Ace 10.00 am for this short ride to buy some plastic bags.

No nobbers, 125s welcome.

Rock up fully fueled and with working indicators.

Back in time for fun.:pinch:

PS We have no direct knowledge of swinging in BS other than Mr J Ross metioned it once on BBC Radio and apparently according to a National survey, it is the town in Britain with the highest number of swingers. See:

Geoff B may have the definitive view however.

Hooray! I’ll come for some plastic bag and a swing!:w00t:

When you say working indicators do you mean all four? My fronts aren’t playing but the rears are making up for it :pinch:

As is the dipped beam which is back to bright and dandy for the time being. A spare bulb, 10mm spanner, 8mm socket & driver and a wannabe table lamp torch have been stowed away under the pillion seat. Where I have also installed a USB phone charging jack, list of reasons why I didn’t phone home have been shortened.

I’m ready to rumble except …

After I’ve plumbed in the dishwasher I have some cornice and a ceiling to play with.

You have a good day

Drats. That’s not even far from me but I’m not going to make it to the ACE on time.
Have fun then :).

Just to let you know, this part of World was quite tight frozen this morning so be careful, as some councils may save money on salt.

Have a good one!


Caught a bit of rain on the way home but a crisp dry day up till then.:slight_smile:

No plastic bags of a certain kind were available so we had to be satisfied with coffee, Pampas grass and a look at the swings.:w00t:

On via Thaxted to Saffron Walden for a bite to eat at The Courtyard, a Tiptree Tea Room.

Then home via Buntingford.:cool:

Thanks for the trip to swingersville!

A lovely morning of great roads and good company, however no plastic bags and swinging was only observed from a distance. Sofa 7 was take too. :crying: good lunch of scampi and chips, peas where hard to keep on the fork another great advantage of mushy peas (which most places don’t do so I’ve given up asking)

Onward to onto the A10 where I was showered and blown about. P

Great day out!

P.S your indicators are working well;)


I had no idea tea rooms needed to be licensed.

You have lived a very sheltered life Julian, in this cold weather a licensed tea room is an essential.

Highlights from the menu:

Scotch broth with Laphroaig
Quiche of the day with Maldon Brewing Company “Golden Boar” beer
Essex Strumpet - sponge soaked in brandy
Prawn Cocktail Jacket Potato with glasses of Prosecco Frizante
Cream tea with vodka shots

We were allowed to take away a menu showing that Tiptree Jam Factory/ Wilkins now have 6 emporia. We will be visiting them all in due course. We were amazed to find that Bosworth’s of Finchingfield is now one of their gaffes, poor Rita must be really cakey now. Be warned BCR folk, an Essex Strumpet before you ride home may be a bit too much to take.

Watch out Art, there is one in Dedham which will be combined with a visit to Flatford Mill. You may wish to warn Jenny to acquire a larger kettle and tea caddy for the occasion. We can come over to test out yer dishwasher:D

would it be feasible to visit all 6 in a single day?

Essy peasy but not too good for the waistline :slight_smile:

We’re in, we’ll dig up the Roman Urn just for you, you know your always welcome.

Put me down for the Scotch broth with Laphroaig, a Cream Tea hold the vodka shots and an Essex Strumpet to go, who could resist an Essex Strumpet that goes :ermm: