Sunday 22.04 ride out to Swindon from West London

Just got back…what a day it has been! Went to Swindon - George White - thy have a new showroom and big opening is next Saturday and Sunday. Loads of fun…hopefuly Anyone fancy a trip? it’s going to be a warm but cloudy day (if you believe those ***** on TV). The more of us the more fun… come on ppl! I’ll organize meet outside my work place - loads of parking - in Uxbridge. Then we can just jump on M4 and be in Swindon in no time. As for gig in Swindon - bikes, BSB riders, competition etc. donno bout food… Let me know if anyone’s interested.

Hey, have fun if you go, but I think a lot of people are going on the St. Georges day run.


You’re absolutely right! How could I possibly missed that… Cheers for that. Whitehorse Hill is just around the corner from Swindon so if anyone fancy we could pop in and see what are they up to… Still… if anyone from west is coming to Ace Cafe on Sunday morning we can meet up in Uxbridge or anywhere on the way…

Isn’t this George White thing also occuring on the 21st.

It carries on for the whole weekend… but it seems to be very busy on Sunday as most of people work on saturday. I know they are going to have massive sale of all the stock so if you guys need anything it might be a good idea or if you fancy winning GSXR 1000 or R1 () then… I’ve never won anything but it’s always nice to see some lucky bugger ridin away on your dream bike…