Sunday (21/05/2023) Ride

I’m new on the forum. Anyone around for a ride in Kent? Possibly go to the seaside/Rye/Hastings avoiding the A21?

Hi @zoofzoof , welcome to LB.

Was in Rye last weekend, loads of bikes, nice weather. I’m not saying I’m in as I have lots on this weekend, but where will you be starting from?

Starting from Orpington and then seeing where I end up :slight_smile:

Good starting point, I’d probably look to route through Ide Hill, head through appledor and hopefully you should end up on some nice roads.

I can’t do this weekend or next, to much on. But if you fancy meeting for a ride after that let me know.

The one after I should be riding the Swiss alps but back on the 5th so 11th June is looking pretty promising?

Saturday 10th June now there’s a ride out :wink:

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