Sunday 20th Southwards

Ok folks

Sunday 20th

Depart Macdonalds on the a4/A30 Henllys Roundabout 9.30am

Stop off at Boxhill so if you wish to meet there please be there for at least 10.15am

Brief Interlude at a Scenic view Point (no toilet facilities )

Then Lunch will be at Wessons Cafe

Then Return to the smoke Via An Old Living Monument

Final ending destination for myself is all Depending on return time as am on duty that evening But Will Return as far as Chiswick regardless

Approx 150miles

cornerman system in place Please Read

I’ll probably be up for meeting at Box Hill at 10.15 for tea and going on the rest of the ride from there. Haven’t done the Box lanes since before Christmas.

D’oh ! I’ll be at the Ace for Adventure Bike Day…next time.:wink:

My engagement for Sunday is all up in the air so I may very well be up for this one. If so I will be joining at Box. Will post to confirm or drop out before Sunday.

Of course Sod’s Law means that as soon as I posted that, my original plans for Sunday got reinstated! Sorry for messing you around.

Determined to make one of these :smiley:

Wessons café, sounds like another cheeseburger opportunity…

I’ll be leaving the Ace at 9am sharp to arrive at A4/A30 McDonald’s for 9.20am

Rykas to Wessons via a scenic view point without facilities, OK if we must.

I’m making that 150 miles Ace to Ace (+ scenic view point)

See you all Sunday


Providing it’s dry I’ll be also up for meeting peeps at Box Hill :slight_smile:

Well I cannot go on this now as I have to finish off a well rehabilitation and shelter construction report on Afghanistan by Monday morning and my boss today instructed me to work on Sunday on it :frowning: So that’s Box Hill out of the window unless I get a new job in the next two days.Sorry folks :frowning:

Will be at the Ace tomorrow though

Id like to join but as am still running my new bike in would it be stupid to go on a ridout or would it be fine.Gotta keep it under 6000rpm

Mmm… Damn it, why aren’t you leaving from the Ace??

Can’t decide whether to go on the Jets’ mystery tour or a nice relaxed ride with you :Oo

because its a cse of an extra 25 miles for me …

Ride to Ace and back the way i roughly came …

Am not going to make it after all… Went to SBK to change pads only to be told that on the rear, almost only metal was left… AS they didn’t have a spare pad, was told not to use the rear brake. Managed it all the way round London, down to Box Hill, Up to the Ace only on the return to tap the rear break and hear the sound of metal touching…

Don’t think I’ve messed the disc up but am not taking any chances…

You’ll be fine …

I was still running the Bonneville in on my first ride out with Tim. Had about 600 miles on the clock at the time, never took it over 4000rpm all day.

ok you twisted my arm,im there

Probably meet u guys at Boxhill, though look out for me on my little VFR as I don’t know you guys yet I don’t think?!!
What’s the route your taking??

i might make box hill at 10.15, but dont wait for me, as its 1 30 am at the time of posting this, if i wake up in time and the weather looks good maybe

Tim I will see you at Mcdonalds,Im on a white xj with blue helmet.Hope it doesnt rain

You guys all probably left by now!!
I’m going to head south my usual route now, getting across london to get to box just isnt appealing one little bit!

Enjoy the ride, I’m game next Sunday for the next one for sure :slight_smile:

just leaving home in five minutes …

bit grey but no ****

see who ever where …