Sunday 20th Feb

well that was a mystery tour indeed, lol
after losing 3 people in rapid succession, it was well overdue for me to get lost eventually…well sort of, we were waiting at the rail crossing and after fiddling with my alarm fob which would not disarm, the barrier closed down in front of me again and got stuck for another 15 minutes!!!
i had a pootle around to see if i could find anyone but obviously they must have realised too late i wasnt behind anymore, so i turned around and went home on a quick ride through the a24, came home about half hour ago completely frozen but well happy

thanks to the Jets and everyone else, see you soon :slight_smile:

Ah thats what happened!

We were waiting on a corner and turned back to have a look and came back to the level crossing but i guess you had moved on by then!

Glad you got back ok!

Shame you missed lunch, it was only 5 minutes from the level crossing!:smiley: We got caught by it again on the way back.:slight_smile:

The destination where the sun shone briefly:P

Man, i told you those waterproofs were cool!

Thanks for a splendid day, although i did have to visit the Jetwash on the way home… thanks for that! :smiley:

Wow what great a day out it was… Big thanks to all those who took part and specially to Jet who was in the lead. Fabulous riding day and great fun :slight_smile: next time I promise to me break lights checked before hand :slight_smile: ps I will post some pics as soon as I work out now to upload… Talk Soon and ride safe :slight_smile: