Sunday 20th Feb

Leave the Ace 9.30am fully fuelled.

A message from our leader

OMG, mrs r has just phsl.!:D:D:D:w00t::w00t:

That brilliant!
I love am MMT hope I am free on the 20th
Keep well

I’m still not sure if I’ll be riding with you or with Tim but I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

Well you may have to decide in advance as Tim is starting in a different place;)

9.30 at the ace it is.
providing its not raining of course :wink:

See you there. Weather looks promising, we`ve seen worse in Italy, France and Scotland but not on the same day.:stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I’d better come, having made Zee cancel his ride for this!

PMSL :slight_smile:

woohooo!!! :w00t: so excited!! i get to see a new place! :D:D:D maybe by the end of the year, i’ve have seen all of England :stuck_out_tongue: thanks in advance Mr. & Mrs. Jetstreams! :):slight_smile:

I will meet you guys at the Ace around 9:00. How can I find you guys? I will be in Black/yellow jacket 6" foot tall and looking lost… See you there

Hello, just to make it easier to find, can anyone send me a text/call around 9 at the ace? 07912161408 cheers

Hi mate see you at the Ace, what do you ride?:slight_smile:

women & bikes? :smiley:

lmao!! :smiley: :smiley:

Well, after much deliberation (and not enough sleep), I’m not going to be there today… :doze:

I will be there for the next one though! Have great day and ride safe! :slight_smile: