Sunday 13th March - It's nearly my birthday and I'll eat cake if I want to

It’s time for another birthday cake run! Meeting at South Mimms Services at 9ish for a 9:30 departure and ending back there or somewhere near the M25 at around dusk.

Current plan is to nip into the cotswolds, but that might change as the weather forecast does.

This’ll be a relaxed-pace ride with a few stops for cake and at least one stop somewhere that’ll sell lunch.

We’ll use the cornerman system:


I may well be there on the bagger though as this will be a hell of a long day.

I’m in!

Christ, you’ll be coming up from down south for this? I’d better make it good!

Yup, I’m hoping to do the iron butt this year so will be good practice

Not gonna make this one, don’t quite have an iron enough butt to ‘pop down’ for this ride. :slight_smile: Have a good birthday and enjoy the cakes!

Haha, yeah, bit of a trek!

I’ve just finished up the route finally, for anyone who doesn’t want surprises, we’ll be going to:

Meet outside the standalone Starbucks at south mimms, not the big building.

  • Wild Raven Tea Rooms at about half eleven for cake and coffee
  • Turweston Flight Deck Cafe at about one for lunch
  • Petrol in Banbury
  • Lucy’s Tea Room for cake and coffee
  • Starbucks in Thame for cake, coffee and petrol
  • Dunstable downs for some ice cream

If the ice cream van’s not there we might figure something else out depending on the weather. I can take anyone to the M1 and so to the M25 from there.

Tempted, need to check the weather.

So is this happening? I’ve probably got at least half a day, where at South Mimms are you meeting?

It is! We’ll be outside the standalone Starbucks in the car park. I’ll be on a KTM 1190 adv with a scouts and a serv sticker on the windscreen

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See you there.

I’m coming!!!


Have a good day. I’m putting the camshafts back in The 250 and its proving a right royal pain to align the valve timing, hoping tohave it done for tomorrow’s sortie.

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So a birthday eve lunch but not quite in the planned location

Thanks to BigRedS for leading, Boris for tail-gunning and everyone else for good company. The roads were great, the weather was great (mostly) and I’m really knackered


Yes, great route, super first proper run out in a while.

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Got home about an hour ago.

What a great day, even though I seemed to have a target on me :rofl:.

Some really beautiful places were seen today.

Happy birthday @BigRedS

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Aha, given your performance today I was beginning to get worried!

Thanks for coming everyone, turned out to be a pretty decent first go out on the bike in a while, even with the u-turn, missed lunch and rain! If you want to know where we went, this is the route from the first cake stop:

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Looks like a great run. Sorry I missed it. I have to get a new helmet. “Just one more year,” wont cut it anymore. Should be out again soon.

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