Sunday 13th December in the year of our lord 2009

Ride on some of Englands finest roads for lunch at a heritage site and an afternoon prowling a Christmas market, supping mulled wine and making a monkey of yourself testing out yer CE approved armour on an outdoor ice rink.:smiley:

Departing from the petrol station over the bridge from the Ace at 9.30am. (to avoid the toy run massive)

We`ll be at the Ace from 9.00am for a traditional pre ride breakfast of sausage sandwich, a cigarette washed down with a mug of dishwater.:slight_smile:

Back before dark on some of Britains most ill-lit byways.:stuck_out_tongue:

No learners or 125s, for you the war is over… until the post LB Party hangover ride next Sunday:w00t:

Will miss you not being on the toy run.


We`ll miss your home made mince pies:)

Sounds good count me in. :slight_smile:

You know me…depends what happens tonight
But I quite fancy ice skating and it would be safer with all the protective bike gear on! lol

Looks great. See you on the Ice.

Sainsbury’s ones this year.

Have a good time - did enough shopping in Kingston today to make me want to avoid any Christmas markets (but can see a trip to Salisbury next Saturday looming!)

Count me in, might have to bail a little early as have some work on but I’ll see you guys at 9. :smiley:

We keep watching this trying to learn the moves, but think that we will only manage the ending:D:D

gotta collect “she who must be obeyed” in the morning but hope to pop to Ace to see the toy run posse and have a brew and chinwag…unless the lazy moo phones early and we join ya :D:D

Hey Janus i would be keen to join you tomorrow. J

“In the year of our lord” :w00t: lol, you crack me up sometimes

Count me in :wink:

spere stop following me around!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

lol, you know what happens when we go on rideouts … together? :ermm:

Hint: first there is sun and then there is R___ :hehe:

ooh ooh, I want to come, I’ll hoon over and try and get there for 9.30 at the petrol station…on my new ride!!! yea:D

If it rains tomorrow im gunna cry, but not as much as if i loose my passenger seat :-):wink:

Tried to get out but no can do, too much on for tomorrow:angry: Enjoy peeps;)