Sunday 12th Finchingfield ride

I’m going to Finchingfield and I’ll be leaving early to get back before the rain hopefully.
This will be my first ride since my op so I’ll be taking easy and may even stop on route end route if my shoulder starts to hurt.
This would be a good ride for 125s and anyone who hasn’t done it.
Leaving Hainault at 0830

I might be interested. Been a long time since i’ve been out for a ride as well.

Cant do this as on community service - BBQ

As much as I’d like to see ya, i don’t love you quite enough to get to hainault at that god awful time. Take care with your newly mended bits.

If I manage to sleep tonight I might be in on this.

Where exactly are you meeting in Hainault?

Will get to see the roads I didn’t really get to see on the BCR with my shockingly, badly set up rear suspension!

Meet at the usual BCR roundabout at City limits.limits.check BCR threads for exact locatian and as long as I don’t get lost it’ll be the BCR route.

@Janey, this would even be slow for you and I know your aversion to early mornings on a day off so that doesn’t upset me. I’ll try to take care of my bits ;-) 

Hoooow slow we talking here?!?

Steady to start and if the shoulder feels ok I’ll pick it up but it won’t be like the BCR boys.

Just had a meeting with the bcr committee and you are allowed to use the roundabout but must use the rule of
Last one there is a ninny.
Please ride safe because a official bcr sticker will not be given.

Cheers MDD although it looks like I might be going solo cos no-one else seems keen for a relaxing ride.

Lol. I would’ve joined ye but just woke up!

Enjoy Chris and hope the shoulder holds up.

Cheers mate

Mate, I really don’t think that’s the reason. Have you really gone out with this weather?

Well that was fun, got to Finchingfield at 9.10 and it was empty, had to go round a massive puddle which will be nasty when it gets busy later,a bacon sarnie and coffee, hit a couple of showers on the way back so took it easy. Shoulder is aching a bit but feels ok.

Good to hear the shoulder is ok. Fingers crossed its still ok tomorrow!

Wasn’t a BCR then more like BNM (billy no mates ).
Boredom and frustration can make us do things far to quickly but sometimes it has to be done

True Tim but as I commute a long way I need to get riding asap.
Feels ok today so might try the full commute tomorrow

you was lucky with the weather chris

Maldon was awash

this is my road under water & about 2" above kerb height



I timed it to perfection, almost. Massive storm hit us at 5pm