Sunday 12/04/15 (tomorrow) ride to portsmouth.

Work are sending me to portsmouth again so I though if make a rideout of it.

Going from the ace at 9 : 30 ish.

This is one way, I’ll be staying in Portsmouth, anyone that wants to organise a way home is welcome to.

Anyone interested?

Will let you know soon

See you at the Ace.:slight_smile:
Mrs J says she doesnt want to go all the way with you.:laugh: Well see where you take us, peel off at an appropriate/inappropriate time and find a different route home.:cool:

Looks like it’s just you & us Ronni, shame as it’s sunniest in the South.

We might have to take a detour to The Maldives :Whistling:

I would but I’m still sulking after a right bitch of a week, and there.s still more to come tomorrow I think. :crying:

So stop sulking and celebrate Sunday.

I’ll clean down the Hammock and put kettle on then :wink:

I didn’t venture out of Essex today, home just after two as if its a part time Funday :frowning:

We’ve only just got back. Lovely ride - but loooong.

Thanks to Boris for leading. Oh and thanks to GeoffB for leading. And thanks to the Jets for leading.

(Boris - we should have told you to come with us towards Alton - the roads were, as the kids say, awesome)

Nice to see you lot down on the island today eventually :stuck_out_tongue: and have a ride half way back with you :slight_smile:


290miles of sun and fun.:slight_smile:
Lunch in Devizes, afternoon tea in the Maldives.:cool:

Big thanks to Boris for leading and to Geoff for tea, the island tour and the lovely Corniche de Steep.:cool:

Didn’t see the speedo shot!

No speedos today:crying: But wait til it gets a bit warmer - we’re going to have an LB picnic/swimming day at Hayling Island beach. Thought we’d warn you now so you have a few weeks for the belly reduction exercises - yes, you will have to bring your speedos too. :kiss:

S*d the belly, the knee needed oiling today. BTW Art doesn’t do ads so had to upload the your so money supermarket for him - sorry if your secret’s out:D

Please translate this Des, we’re :unsure:

Geoff - It looks like it may be the same boat, unfortunately this year’s timetable doesn’t show motorcycles on the price list :frowning:

PS: Hope you all survive the 4m high tide tonight!

Thanks for comming everyone, was a very enjoyable day.

might have got a bit carried away with the rout length though.

do you know which way you went to alton after abandoning me? :hehe: