Sunday 11th march

Dont think am going to meet you guys. to much to do and was out yesterday screaming through roundabouts and country lanes in suffolk.

We looked out for you Drei

Too many clothes on for the heat today Never did like the traffic queues either, but the ride back was more my style

Sorry Mad I didn’t say goodbye in the rush to go

See you all soon

hope you had a good time. all , i was haveing a great hangover…see ya next week

We had a laugh and good company, getting lost, turning back, etc etc, the usual stuff on a ride…the ride down was and IS pretty boring…coming back a lot better…all the twisty lanes and more fun…again getting lost !! ha ha…

Cant wait to see the pics…and thanks to “mrs Kwaker” for taking SOOO many including me and the Ginge, larking about on our bikes!

The knickbockers were great…(spose you will see the pics)…and we met up with some of The London Bikers guys too !!!

Well done Ian for turning up and meeting us…shame you couldnt make it Drei cos we didnt stay at southend,…so it wasnt a case of “go there just to come back?”…

The sun was shining, and so hot !!! Loved seeing all the different bikes, once again…and dont ask HOW Andrew left the ace well after us and got to southend well in front of us !!! (he has a secret rocket launcher on his bike) !!! Didnt even see him go past us when we stopped at a garage???..

Bring on France if the weathers gonna be like it was today !!! Thanks Ginger and Andrew for looking after us…(Ginge did his “gourmet” meal of doughnuts and burger in a bun, mixed with bacon and god knows what !!! how does he keep that stuff down?)…man of steel, farts that kill…that one!

Good to meet you MadScientist…now own up, what engine have you REALLY got on that bike??? Thats NOT a 400 Shewolf? looking good girlie,…looking good…Tanya your bike suits you girl !! Grim and Debs, a pleasure, as always…hope u feel better soon girl…glad u made it.

Good bunch of riders, once again to go out with…where we going next???

Sorry I missed you at the Ace, I was taking my boots back to Lidl (don’t ask)

Glad I found you in Southend, Ice cream and coffee where good

I will put the pic I took here and maybe Jay or someone could add them to a Gallery with any others taken

Nice to meet thous of you that I had not met before

I stopped of at High Beach and met Barro and a friend there, nice to meet you at last


I want to know who paid off the weather gods? Cos it sure didn’t feel like March! Today would have been my 12th wedding anniversary and todays ride reminded of a lot of the reasons why it wasn’t - thanks guys

Sorry I didn’t do the twisties on the way back, but I didn’t fancy heading north only to have to come back the long way…

Had a worrying moment on the way home. Was happily riding along thinking “the M2 is so nice when it’s empty” [good surface, big sweeping curves & no-one to get in the way ] when a police car appeared in my mirrors with the blue lights on Luckily I’d got enough good karma stored away and they were on their way to get someone else… phew

Blade… honest, it is only a 400 - it’s just that it likes playing with the bigger bikes… (it only hit the red line once and that was in 1st gear when I momentarily lost concentration - suffering from target fixation )

Elad… cheers for helping to get mine and T’s bikes up onto the pavement - you completely fell for the helpless girlies act… (ok I confess it wasn’t so much of an act, having dropped a bike badly in that situation before I don’t usually go up kerbs like that)

Grim… love the sound of your can in traffic - rumbling away at the lane blockers!

Only a week til France

Target fixation? What were you looking at then?

Yeah cheers for your help Elad. Great day out and, as always, nice to see everyone again. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics and let’s hope the weather stays like this for the France trip.

Glad you all had such a good time. I didn’t even make it down to Box but did escape for half an hour to trot over to Newlands Corner. No-one there by the time I got there, but the highlight of my day was being allowed to try out the 1975 Bonny that I’ve only been on the back of - abso-f*cking-lutely brilliant! Ok, so it was only up and down the carpark at Newlands but it was really nice to try a different bike with a different riding position and different just about everything - even the gear lever’s on the wrong side!

This week’s weather should be reasonable so I’ll be out and about during the week if I’m lucky. One of these days I’ll get to ride with a few more people.

Lovely day today, weather was just fantastic. Glad Mr & Mrs 69 caught up with us en-route

I definitely want to go to that place you told me about.

I had a great day too, fantastic weather, was at Ace and caught up with Terry-Moto, Tug and some others, quite a bit of stunting was going on, wheelies, burnouts, people standing on their seats, I even got to get filmed for a music video, lol

sssshhhhhh i told you not to mention the 69 in public

i am hungry

these girls can lean

lots more to follow

man can these people eat

do not try this at home

wanna race mate

some great pics, can’t wait to see the rest. Suprised you got such good shots on the move!!

Ditto mate

Now I know where to find ya I,ll have to sample some Rock and Chips !!

OMG how dirty is 7???

I must wash her sometime… the poor dear.

Great shots guys (esp with a compact), that’s defo the way to do it - bungee a photographer on the pillion seat

Hehe yeah good ride out guys, glad found those twisties on the way back, deffo going to revisit the ones through the forest on the 113(?)

Loads of other bikers out that weekend as well, including those nutters on the GXSRs riding the other side of the road round a blind bend…!

Great pics Ms Pillion! please do it again…

Now the weather is good I need some knee sliders…


the route i bought you back on was half of the finchingfield route the other half is even better, after being asked to sort out a ride out there i have just noticed that there is another thread about finchingfield, [ sunday morning ride ] or summink like that so will try to link these 2 together with the person who is running that post.

as for the pics yes not bad considering some of them were taken at — + mph

Wot u need em for Elad? u didnt go down far enough !!! (smile)