Sunday 11th march

Ride to Southend leaving the Ace at 12pm. Who’s coming ?



MadScientist (Maybe)


BigSV (may meet there)





Maybe… if my little old bike can keep up… and if I don’t get a better offer

Drei - you’re on a bike. Enjoy the ride to the Ace!

Will see ya at the Ace for a spell, shewoolf, am going there sunday for the superbike sunday.

I have some group rider training on sunday, so will be batting around the roads of essex at some point, so may well come to meet you in southend.

Where abouts will you be (provided you are there at a decent time)

Already out on a ride, doh!

Blade is the routemaster.

Can I come ???


Wow a reasonable 12pm start! Yeah sounds good, assuming weather is going to be peachy, I will have some new shoes on the bike, so will have to take it a bit slower than norm, although will be a nice test…

i wanna come, but im also goin for superbike sunday, and meeting some people there, cant you all enjoy the festivities and go later? lol

Drei, im going ace first as well? i know its further for us, but hey…so what??? Know its superbike sunday as well but im meeting some of the girls there too? So yeh, whoever wants to go just come along…its only southend run after all…If anyone DOES want to meet on the way? let us know where u will be and what time to catch up with u? if not and u want to go straight to southend? we will be parked up right outside the amusement arcade along the front, right in the centre of the road there is parking for bikes…well not specifically, but we all park there anyway? There is a cafe that we can eat in or outside and they cook all sorts…lets just hope it dont damn well RAIN !!! im SOOOO sick of the rain…

Will try and see you guys in southend. If anyone is to meet you on route, you need to specify the route.

Hi, Me and my mate will be there…

Machine and Leon


1st post updated with extra names.

Just came from the ace cafe, spoken to couple of guys about tomorrow’s run. I think 3 or 4 of them will turn up…

I’ve just got home after doing 400 miles today and 200 yesterday. If I can move tomorrow, I’ll be there

12pm!!! We’ll be on our way home by then!

Sorry all, gonna be at Box - there is a MCNNinjas meet and CBR Forum meet too.

Have just sold my car so we are gonna go for a rideout around arundel and such like again as we enjoyed them roads last time.

I`m having a family day today, shopping and then out for a nice lunch in a country pub somewhere.

I’ll be there. It’s a gorgeous morning so I’m heading out now for a pre-brekkie ride but I’ll see you guys at the Ace later