Sun + Hot Girl = ASBO nearly in hedge

When i went for a blast earlier this hot chic caught my eye, naturaly being a hot blooded male i had to have a good look and well another second and i would have been in the hedge, i did end up on the grass verge but luckily never came a cropper.

lol sounds like when my mate and i nudged the car in front when he was watching this girl on the sidewalk instead of the car in front…

my girl always has a go at me when i look at another girl when she is on the back suppose i done even relise im doing it sometimes

:D:D:D:D:D You’ve got some front posting these posts so close:w00t: Maybe the guys in the cars were at the same game as you??:D:D:D;)

Its not the first time ive done it. Fit girls are a hazard to road users, lol. Theres been many a time when riding through town that ive nearly hit the car in front cause i was checking someone out.

:smiley: I wouldnt have been paying attention to the idiot in the car if this was the case :smiley:

:D:D:D Your other post you say you had to avoid the car drivers - 5 today …WTF:w00t:

:smiley: umm yeah, well uhh :Whistling: the cars i nearly hit never had to avoid me, i just had to avoid going into the back of them :smiley: I blame the hot girls wearing next to nothing because of the sun for that one :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I was looking at a nice girl walking along the road while i was driving, next thing i knew i ramed a black taxi up the @rse and nearly wrote off my car.

In 1993 I got similarly distracted, girl in the world’s tightest leather trousers at a zebra crossing (in those heady days before they sadly went out of fashion). Of course i went into the back of the car in front, which unfortunately turned out to be a police car.

its a hazard of my job watching crumpet, reading map, texting, drinking cuppa all while driving me truck :D:D

Try rideing in spain! You end up in nearly every ditch and cactus you pass!:w00t:

I always get told off for eyeing pretty women:w00t:, doesn’t matter wheather am riding, driving or walking. I once walked into a lamp post:hehe::hehe: because of that and i have the scar on my forehead to prove it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a hazard, I get caught out by those ones with legs up to their armpits. I managed to cope in traffic pretty well the day that blonde in Chingford or wherever flashed her gamunjas at me… that was a difficult moment.

Wouldn’t happen if they were wearing something sensible like a… a burqa

Has anyone seen that summer poster with Myleene Class and her mate in bikini’s for M&S?

Story (true):

  1. Redster is Riding
  2. Redster sees Myleene poster for first time
  3. Redster is looking aghast
  4. Redster is crashing into bush



This one. O H M Y G O D! It should be illegal to post this kinda stuff next to a busy road IMHO.

A few :Whistling: years ago I managed to rear end the back of a stationary bus as I was concentrating on a different rear end.Luckily I was riding a Honda CX500 at the time (for those that are old enough to remember the couriers work horse) and it did more damage to the bus!!