Sun 4th March, Box Hill, anyone?

A friend of mine has never been to Box (!!!) so I said I’d take her on the back of my bike tomorrow to see the sights.

So how many of you sights are going to be in the Box Hill area and what sort of time? I doubt I’d be around dead early (Sunday morning is for sleeping and other horizontal activities) but could well be over there by about 11ish, or later if that’s when people will be there.

Any takers? Possibly a little pootle over to Newlands Corner from there, or somewhere else not very far if anyone has any good ideas.

Might do! If I can escape the decorating! Be there for 11:30 for a cuppa if I can! On my Blue Africa Twin…

I may well be passing en route to the coast. I’ll be on the new beast

I’m moving house 2mora, but hey if ur friends fit

For lifting boxes?

you gotta grow some hair first terry, remember what i said? ha ha x