Sun 16 Aug - short(er) day rideout

OK we have to be home sooner on Sunday so we`re limiting this ride to 200 miles for a change.

Hoping to fit in a ford, some roads and a nice lunch.
May get a bit of "get off my land " if we’re lucky. Can’t promise sea bathing this week.

DEPART: Esso station near the Ace at 9.00 AM to miss the crowds. FULL TANK can be obtained there as can coffee (we think)

Maybe. But perving at the ladies at the ace might also be an option. Not that Mrs J isn’t enough eye candy for everyone. :kissing_heart:

If I haven’t managed to kill the bike on track on the Saturday, then we might be up for a bit of social contact. I’ll give the ford bit a miss though, as I’m allergic to getting the bike wet!

In ,what time at the ace.

Ace may not be the best point to meet at there will be hordes of women trying to break a record and even more men a little look. But let’s not get Janey started on that. :laughing:

Well does anyone know what time they are starting it? Our plans will be fully made on Sat teatime when we’ve seen the last weather forecast

‘’…But let’s not get Janey started on that.’’

Oh, whatever could you be intimating at my deah, hmmm?

Please don’t hurt me😁

I think you’re quite good enough at doing that to yourself, without my help, kiss kiss.

I’ll keep my eye on the thread, don’t fancy meeting at the ace if it’s going to be busy with lessers *** runs ***

You have a good point there Janey as I dropped a keg on my foot last night. :persevere:

Lurking :blush:

Well the edit button’s buggered again - so -UPDATE:

We will set off from the Esso petrol station near to the Ace at 9.00 am so as not to be interfered with by the lady riders or any stray lezzers that may be about.

But I love lezzers

Not sure they love you…

Are you heading towards a coast? Any coast?

We might tag along until the closest point to the sea.

Actually, I suppose whichever way you go, you must be heading towards a coast - but you know what I mean.

Maybe not as we have to be back by 5 ish.

All going well.Will meet you at the Esso station.

I’m out. Gonna have a lie in on Sunday. Have a great day.

Have fun :slight_smile:

@ Squishbang - are you grinding a pillion this week?