Summer totty...

My my my summer time is great isnt it? I can highly recommend anywhere in Kensington/Chelsea/Fulham at about lunchtime for maximum exposure. I nearly ran into the back of at least 3 cars. Very distracing but always welcome!

I know what you mean! I become very dangerously distracted in this time of the year… Most be the heat

SO many birds sitting on the grass near my computer labs

Lucky you, guys! All we get are blokes with their tops off showing off bright red sunburnt beer bellies, with their pasty white legs showing from underneath crumpled, shapeless shorts.

Get off the computer and get out there!! Why are you wasting time on LB?!:0

Im off now! Got a lecture in another building plus been trying to do some work will have to look at the eye candy another day if any1 is good at electronics please let me know, help me finish my coursework so i can spend more time in the sun.

thats cos all the guys with good bodys are modest lol!

hahahaha! Never thought on it this way paivi… sorry… lol

lol, if we are lucky you mean!

Because we have to ‘do time’.

Agree with Paivi n Andrea.

The last hottie I saw in London was in 2004. Then he had to fly back home

I have to wear a suit and tie and wouldn’t want to inflict my multi tattoed body to the world, especiallyas I am not as skinny as Baby J, given that my gf is a member I have to say I haven’t noticed any young ladies wearing very little wondering past my office, but then I am on the third floor.

i was on my way to cubana last night i see some bird jogging, a thought she was gonna realase her puppys the way she was going thought i was gonna have to jump off my bike with a couple of warm spoons to help them back

We’re not all like that Paivi. I can get sun burn but I definately aint red.

Actually i’v been back for a while now…

I notice you didn’t say anything about beer belly or pasty legs, though…

I guess I’m a bit posh then? As I haven’t got a beer belly!

This is Jack daniels and Chivas belly! Does it classify my fat as posh ‘fatness’?

Please, don’t take your top off Cezar!

I don’t drink beer Paivi, only brandy:coolasty legs? Ever seen a black man with pasty legs

I must admit, I did wear a summer dress today and sandals. I sat in Finsbury Circus for lunch and after 30 minutes started burning so had to return to the orifice.

Out for a short bike ride tonight though and making the most of this lovely weather!