Summer bash II photos live in the galleries now!

Sorry for the delay guys. I’m having trouble get a spare time to sit in front of the pc lately. Comments and details on the photos are to follow

Hehehe, cool pics! I love the raft race, what was this!?

I think they were dredging for a certain wheelbarrow???

I hope the raft was sacrificed to the fire and water god later!

a challenge from other tent dwellers me and gina were nominated to be crew, i opted out i dont think it woud have accepted a passenger but it floated and she didnt fall in unlike the other contenders, afterwoods we realised we should have taken the legs off to make the paddling easier…

Flats, you crack me up mate

i really should stay out of lense shot…

i’m sure there’s photos missing from certain evening activities???

first thing we did was grab a tent pole and see if we could find the wheelbarrow, but no luck!!

and the pic of me riding si’s bike - with him as pillion!!!

Cez - how much did Si pay ya???