Summer 2 piece advise

Hi all
After coming home in the blistering heat on tuesday I have decided I need a 2 piece suit that doesnt act like a boil in the bag supper
Im looking for something thats mildly waterproof and well vented if poss

no one has an opinion

My opinion is that you can’t have well vented and waterproof … holes that let air in to cool you down also let water in.


My Rev’it textiles do both, vents when it’s hot and closed vents when light rain or add the waterproof liner when lashing down.

Yeah I’d agree with Mr-C, the two are generally mutually exclusive.

However, after converting from leathers to textiles 18 months ago I’d say that a good breathable set of textiles are less stuffy than leathers.

So aim for a decent breathable membrane (lets water out but doesn’t let water in), obviously Gore-Tex is the best known but there are imitators usually for less money. Think about how much hammer it’ll get and pay accordingly. Ideally you’d want it to be waterproof?

There are two broad types of membraned textile kit, the ‘normal’ type with the breathable waterproof membrane in between the textile layers (cheaper) and that with the membrane stuck to the outer layer (Rukka and Hein Gericke PSX gear particularly) which gives a stiffer feel but more importantly the water can’t get too far in the suit so it doesn’t become waterlogged - the normal type does.

Most, inc me, rate Hein Gericke and they are doing some PSX gear from last season really cheap I gather. Rukka is held as the best textile kit but is frightening expensive unless you’re gonna use it everyday in all weathers. But really, there’s too much to mention.

Or there’s the breathable rain suits? Gawd just too much choice.

I would get leathers. Leather is naturally breathable, surprisingly cool and very protective. You can have perforated leather panels in it to keep the air flowing too. On cooler days wear a wind proof layer on top or under it and then a light rain jacket on top if it’s wet.