Sudden impact - chadwell heath

anyone used there repsraying/ airbrushing services, if so any complaints or can ya recommend someone else??

Yep, I used them for a fairly basic respray of a fuel tank with some deep gouges in it. Good job, not to pricey, quick turnaround. Recommended.

I also know* a bloke who operates out of a barn near Brentwood - did a full respray on my old car, again an excellent job and not too pricey. He does bikes too but not sure whether he does fancy graphics.

(* I say “know”, but all I have is his first name, mobile number and location. PM me for the number if you want it)

i drop bikes there a lot good crowd of lads …speak to russell the boss for a good deal he likes cash…also good breakers next door run by them too

cheers guys shall pop in and see them some point in the nxt few days if i can