Stuttering CG125

I have a three year old Honda CG125 which I bought from the people who I took my CBT with. They were replacing some of their bikes but while out riding the other day, in some epic rain it started to stutter. I guess that is the best word for it, but it juddered a bit as I cranked it up, in the high revs while pulling away.

Anybody got any ideas what might be going on, and if it is a major problem?

Cheers for any help

If it only happens in the pouring rain, my money would be on the rain affecting either the spark plug cap or the HT lead/ coil.

Start with the easy stuff… Clean off any dirt in and outside the lead /cap/ spark plug and give it a good spray of WD40.:slight_smile:

speech therapist?


yer my GAMMA does that get some holts ignition sealant this will put a clear plastic film over ur ht coil and cap ect and wot ever eles you wanna seal works a treat you should find it in fuel stations/halfords/car shops ect.

As Monkey had mentioned. First point of call would be spark plug for me too. Check it clean it re-gap it. Or just buy a new one its not like you have 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe just kiddin although it is a bonus when doing a service :smiley:

Cheers all I will check out the plug and give it a clean.

It started off in the rain but it happened again today.

BTW the speech therapist threw a fit when the bike got on the couch so that all went a little wrong.:smiley:

I had this prob with my CG - wasnt the plug or the lead, the inlet gasket was leaking, put a new one on and it was fine. When the weather was nice the bike ran fine but as soon as there was a bit of rain or some spray it just kept stalling etc & I had to keep the revs up so it didnt stall - had some interesting journeys to work in the rain doing that!

How odd is that?:w00t:

Normally a leaky inlet manifild causes popping and banging but may well be the cause:)

Best to try the easy things first though:)

if not that try the air filter and clean the carbs out, if it a riding school bike i doubt it has been opened up much.

It’s the plug, if it happened at high RPM, as you say. It may be caused by the plug wire arcing to ground, if it has not been replaced ever, or if the plug boot is damaged. Mine will start on a single cylinder, and idle a while and then bring the second on-line. With both of em running, it speeds up the idle immensely. Replace the wire AND replace the plug, and it will be as good as new.

I’m too cheap to replace the plugs. I have a spare, but I need to find out which is taking a holiday, before I replace it.


I took the air filter out and it looked pretty clean, so I think I can rule that out. Took the plug out and although I couldn’t see any big clods on it but it looked a bit white and crusty, so I may go and get a new one.

I thought about the inlet gasket, but I have no idea how to go about that, so I will leave that until I have a new plug and or lead.

Cheers for your help everyone.