Stutter at low revs

GSXR 1000 K5 has started stuttering when pulling away and at low revs.

Clears up when riding above 3k, so any normal road speed.

Started after riding in the rain deluge last week.

Any ideas?

Put it in your garage with an electric heater not gas gotta be electric … and give it a bake . When you put your bike in a dealer with an electrical fault caused by rain and they tell you it took 2 days diagnosis guess what they did … Yup stuck it in a corner with a heater . It fixes 90% of electrical problems in rainy scotland :smiley:

A quick solution that used to work on my two stroke bikes which

often miss-fired in the rain…

A liberal spraying of WD40 on plugs and wires and any other bits

that got damp.