stupid unpredictable weather.

spoiled a perfectly good days riding!

made it to just outside Henley, still nice ride, but the damp greasy roads after the showers meant not as much fun on the corners :w00t:

I was sitting in the house all day waiting for the rain to come as forecasted… cleaned the bike and by that time it was 1.30pm… No rain, just sun so I went out for a quick ride and the moment I put the bike in the garage, the rain started - talk about perfect timing! :smiley:

still though,had a nice little blast, home at reasonable time, all my accounts and expenses down ready for meeting with bean counter, and now casually sipping a cool cider, checking out what crap ive missed on here :smiley:

Yep I don’t think today can be called unpredictable, Metcheck said rain starting at 1600 and it kicked off at like 1558. :smiley:

Was beautiful righ until 10 minutes from home after a good blast down to Rye, got the CBR125 up to 90mph, tucked right in. Was great fun!! :smiley:

Problay would of got it to 100 if you took the L plates off. They must slow it down ha?

Nah more likely the junk in the trunk :wink:

lol izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it :cool:

was down there just around midday for a ice cream and chase a fazer and couple of busa’s…was a good day for it:D

Nah, with a tail wind those L plates would act like sails n give you an extra push :smiley:

Got some priceless looks from people in cars I passed on the dual carriageway! :cool:

90 on a 125 is pretty impressive :w00t:

was u going down a 90degree hill? :w00t:
Or is your speedo in kilometers :hehe:

always a good laugh that is when you see people walk past the bike not really looking at it as its a pile of shit but the doubke take and the lean forward look at the speedo marked up to 320…
makes me chucke anyway

Well we just spent 4 days in Cumbria, not noted for its dry weather at the best of times but we had sun, sun & sun:)

Noted mr Jetstream, you will be questioned thoroughly about roads up there prior to our trip in August! :smiley:

Might let you know about a few secret roads if you’re a good boy! :smiley:

If we can make it, we may even be in the area at the same time;):w00t:

Oooh well I haven’t broken any bushes since November now :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup I saw your comment on the other thread, will be very nice if you are up there at the same time :slight_smile: