Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!!

How stupid am I?

I’ve bought some new SuperCorsas for my TL and just had them fitted.

When I come to put the rear wheel back on it doesn’t fit the bike any more:w00t:

On closer inspection the new tyre is fouling the hugger because I thought I’d be clever and run a 190/55 profile instead of the standard 190/50.:Whistling:

Upside is that I have a quicker steering scoot now but the downside is I have a sexy carbon fible hugger sitting on the shelf now.:crying:

So the moral is, if you run a rear hugger, make sure you check your aspect ratio or run the risk of feeling as stupid as I do…lol;):smiley:

Cue streetfighters on the hunt for a deal…

One Carbon hugger- nearly new - one stupid… I mean, One careful lovely owner! :smiley: :w00t:

alex must be on the funny sauce today. you’re just rolling them out.:smiley:

you twonk!!:D:D

you thick **** :w00t:

…(tyre)…of course :hehe:

Chucks you don’t need a hugger as you don’t go out in the wet…


I know but I’m already missing all that carbon fibre loveliness:P:DMight just have to do a few more miles this summer and wear it out so i can go back to a 190/50;):smiley:

Everyone is entitled to be stupid chunks, but you abuse the privilege…!!!:w00t:

Earth is full fella… Go home.:wink:


Good to see the LB’s usual sympathy being extended for a simple error.

macp beat me to it :slight_smile:

On a serious note, can you not make up/find some sort of spacer to lift the hugger up enough to clear the tyre?

I’ve taken it off and replaced the original chain guard now but it’s a possibility Dan;)

well done uncle you win the Tit of the month award…:D:D:D

How can you reach the floor now? :stuck_out_tongue:

why not get a great big **** off sharp knife and trim the tyre up a bit:D

Guess the moral is, never start a sentence with ``How stupid am I?’’

I’ve had huggers touching the tyre in the past - usually just the extreme edge of the sidewall - nothing to worry about - I just let the tyre gradually wear a groove into the hugger. :slight_smile:

I know!!!:w00t:

Its high enough as it was but this tyre has raised the ride height by another 10mm:w00t:

I’m looking into double soled Sidi’s;):smiley:

Your stupid whatever you do mate.:stuck_out_tongue:

Even I wouldn’t ride a sc**ter John:P

did the same thing on my srad bought a 190/55 or 60 wow and couldnt get it to go under my carbon hugger so now mines in the garage too :slight_smile: worked out ok tho’ as i now use 180/55/17 rear for dry days too and i can get my warmers on ok , really should get a fin and std chain gaurd tho’ as chain is pretty open to catching me left foot now :w00t: its a 99 srad not 98:satisfied: