stupid question - yamaha ybr custom ...lights switch...

ok so l got this almost new 2012 yamaha ybr custom…
how on earth l switch the lights off on it?
l know it might be the silliest thing you read here but the switch is constantly ON
up - full beam , down half beam…where the hell is off :)???
no half way there >:blush:

any tips from yamaha owners :)??

on new bikes there is no off :slight_smile:

I think it’s a Japanese rule supposedly but it also applied in America so they just make them to always be on nowadays

seriously ???
haaaaa well… good to know…not sure if thats good or bad though
l dont mind having them on
was just a bit concerned :))


EU or UK I think.
Austrian, German, British, Italian bikes are all the same.

Can confirm. All bikes registered in the UK after 2001 are required to have low beam lights always on. There is no off.

Thanks :)) :cool:

Not sure that is true… my KTM is registered 2005 and has an off switch?

Which is why I thought it was a Jap rule as some older EU bikes don’t have lights always on…

Edit: sorry should rephrase… the law might say that they have to be on but my Austrian bike has come with an off switch. In reality, I always leave it in the ON position but if I wanted to, I could turn them off…

It’s a good thing to have them on. It makes a big difference to being seen by other road users…

l agree
its a very safe feature l just though lm going crazy with a little thing that l just cant see :))
lm happy to ride with lights on

with a gloomy weather in UK l think it should be compulsory for cars as well (some of them don’t use lights even in gray rainy day /stingy battery savers ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Under EU legislation it is now compulsory for all prodcution cars to have daytime running lights.

its a KTM. enough said. :laugh: