Stupid Kids!

I really don’t understand why kids think they are so big and clever with these bloody scooters?? :angry:

That came out last year and i thought Youtube were told to ban it.

I saw it a while ago and then someone sent me a link earlier so I thought I’d post it!

Its scary to think that these planks could be riding next to you!! :blink:

[email protected]@dy child scooties!!!

It should be taken off

this is why i think you shouldn’t be allowed a licence untill you are at least 18 i know we have done some silly things when we were all younger but the new generation seem to be trying to prove something.

I thought it was a training course for would-be sidecar racing passengers;):smiley:

Ok, I must be a bad person 'cos I found that quite funny :ermm: It’s not like they kids in the middle were unwilling participants :rolleyes:

Personally if they are stupid enough to do it then they are stupid enough to suffer the consequences, maybe they’ll learn something from hurting themselves that way before it’s too late.

I can remember doing stupid things as a kid and not realizing the consequences of it until it was too late, a friend of mine broke his collar bone/arm, I forget which, on a rope swing that was hanging from a tree over a bank that must have had at least a 50ft drop below it, no safety straps just hang onto the rope for dear life and swing out, someone could easily have done themselves some serious damage if they had fallen off at the wrong point!

Kids learn when they hurt themselves, well some do anyway, the others grow up to be Evel Knievel! :wink:

I agree with Tim, allow kids to break their arms etc, that’s how we learnt and it was part of the fun. A kid can repair an arm in a few weeks and be as good as new, it’s not like me breaking my leg where I’d be off work for years :w00t: They even get new teeth ! :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a woman on TV last night saying how ‘somebody’ should have told her that using a sunbed every day and toasting herself until she turned orange would be bad for her skin and give her cancer, before she got cancer.

She got cancer and had to be treated - I’m sorry she had cancer obviously, but doing what she did is akin to putting your head out of a train window as it’s about to go into a tunnel and asking yourself “Will this hurt ?” :bangs head against nearest wall:

Its true, I greew up with leaded paint, concrete in the playgrounds, and no health and safety at all. Bumps bruises and scrapes but I’m hear more or less.
Let em hurt htemselves, btu I have to admit when the toys they’re playing with are known to be able to kill them very easily I have to agree. THe age limit on bikes should be higher for on the road use…Private track sessions are your own business, but public roads, no way they get a licence on my book.

Be honest, considering how stupidly irresponsible some adults are, do you really want to risk your life in the hands of people who don’t have any fear… cos they haven’t grown up and learnt it yet…

NAh, me neither

I must admit I found it pretty funny in a darwin awards kind of way :w00t: