Stubby Slip-On Can + Link pipe for 2006 Bandit 650

Hello All,

I’m raising money for Marie Curie and selling off some bits. Thought I’d offer them to LB before ebay.

I have a stubby slip-on can (not branded) with a link pipe from a 2006 Suzuki Bandit SA650.

The can is 21cm long, and is very loud. I love it for moving traffic out the way and its a cheap way to protect your sexy exhaust with London’s parking. There are no markings on the can, but I’m sure it is not road legal. I used it for 6 months before changing bikes and this got left in the cupboard. I could do with a clean before you fit.

I’m looking for £50 (or more if you are feeling generous).
I’d prefer payment to (and if you gift aid it I’ll love you forever!). Or PM me and we’ll work something out.

I can deliver to the Ace or BMM… I’m based in Stanmore and work in central, so could work something else out if needed.

Thanks for looking.