strong garage lock!

thought id stick this up after recent surge of stolen bikes on here!

got a spare garage lock, bolts onto side of garage and has a 3 phase lock (turns 3 times to lock right into frame of door/brickwork) will get pic up tomo and of mine fitted. great quallity and dam near impossible to pick or break!

anyone fancies it just come and collect from north london, no need to pay me as i get em trade anyway, you can just owe me a drink :wink:

Are they Pacri Bolts?

If so, I’ll ave em;)

Where in North London, I would like one, and can collect

ah maann!! lol beaten again!!!:smiley: how much do they go for if they were bought?

wot he said

pm to chunky monkey…it is a pacri bolt but unfortunatley we dont deal with them anymore. If you really want something like this I can see what i can get them for at trade, just pm me :slight_smile:

Thank you

See ya Wednesday:cool: