Streetfighter style helmet

I’m looking for a streetfighter style helmet which has a double visor system in it (i.e. tinted visor inside that flips up and down). I’ve found plain ones, Matt and Gloss black, but I’d like something with some airbrushing on or some sort of pattern.

Can anyone recommend anything?

Have you looked at the Nolan N102? I’m not familiar with the patterns they put on them, I bought mine in white, for better visibility, I just know that they do them in patterns.

Does anyone recall the helmets in the late 70’s that were painted a bright da-glo red? Certainly got you noticed. What happened to the complete disregard for appearances?

To be honest I’ve given up with this hunt, but I was in a local bike shop on the weekend and Caberg seem to be doing a big range of double visor helmets now with various designs.

vaughny try hein gerrick they have the NOLANS that tinker was on about worth a look :slight_smile:

Ello mate, this guy allways has a Ad in Streetfighters mag I’m sure he’ll be able to sort your design out :slight_smile:

And here’s a link to the Fighters choice of helmet, not sure if they do Double visors though :slight_smile: