Streatham Common Leisure Centre parking

The Leisure centre on streatham high road has plenty of parking shared with the tesco next to it, it has cameras which take a photograph of your front number plate when you come in and one of your rear when you leave.

obviously the bike never comes up on the list when you use the machines when you leave because they don’t have one, but they will when you leave, question is do you still need to do the pay/identifying thing?

Thank you

if they are going to get your plate then yes! they can trace it otherwise.

Is there dedicated parking spaces for bikes?

not that i have found.

also thinking about it, i have no confirmation they take a photo of rear plate when you leave i am just guessing.

dont get me wrong, ill pay (and have been paying) it is just a pain using those machines they not intuititve when they don’t have your number plate i ended up pressing all sorts of buttons to make it let me pay.

Park in the Tescos side, they don’t charge for bikes.

yeah, I used the tesco loads of times when I lived that way (although that’s a few years ago now) without any problems.