Storm Watch

Webcam link.
This is woolacombe which is North coast of Devon, but that swell’s lookin tall already!

Power lines already down in Berkshire.

30 degrees and boiling hot in Lagos :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stay safe peeps - prob be a bit mad to get on a bike - trees across roads etc.)

Although I think it’s a massive over reaction, I still felt inclined to make sure the bike is stable. Just in case I’m wrong :smiley:

Given that '87 saw many a fence / tree down - would think (if possible) it well worth making sure you bike’s aren’t next to something that could fall over.

Track it with this - you can plot it as it comes in across the country!

This is better - you can see the storm advancing as a graphic:;sess=

As it is dark most seem to show nothing. But this one should be a useful indicator the storm has hit Leatherhead when the tree disappears!

I took the bike cover off the bikes as i guess it could easily turn them into kites and knock them over.

Thats about all we can do. House is surrounded by trees!

I tied my bike to a tree and broke off a mirror in the process.:crazy:

Better be a good storm or else.:angry:

Just got back from a weekend touring around Cornwall and Devon. Felt quite dramatic trying to stay ahead of the storm on the way back. It caught us up on Dartmoor when one of our group ended up in a ditch. In the end we had to abandon the bike and unfortunately our mate - he’s 6’5" and 130kg, so too big to go pillion. (Left him in a nice hotel, not by the side of the road I hasten to add!), the rest of us just hoofed it back as fast as we could, pretty blowy on the A303, but no other dramas as far as I know.

Still waiting in Epsom… :smiley:

I’m sat checking the window every 5 minutes like a little kid and Maya is making fun of me! What can I say, storms are fascinating!

Ally - Was it a ninja? :smiley: :smiley:

Alex - what was that glue you were on about? Will it stick a broken mirror stalk? That magnolia tree was a bit viscious:angry:

I have my kite ready for late night storm kiting :smiley:

Im quite excited… Mainly because its been given a name! It just makes it sound so much more fascinating…
(Like it may ACTUALLY be a storm…) :Whistling:

Obviously I do hope nobody gets injured tho.

The leaves are definitely moving - slightly faster . . .

…the leaves have stopped moving again

Yeah - they are just quivering now rather than actually moving . . .

I think a leaf just dropped off . . .

…it’s like watching paint dry…