Storing your bike at home

Unfortunately I do not have a garage at my home and storing it in my garden resulted in a punctured tyre as the walk way is full of gravel.

I bought the Oxford Anchor Force ground anchor, however when it came to installing it I had quite a bit of difficulty. So I got my dad to try and install it and that only made it worse. Its installed but its a little bit wobbly which I’m quite concerned about.

Does anyone know place where they install ground anchors for you?
Or any other alternatives to storing by bike by the side of my house?


Any chance you could get it inside? :wink:

There are other solutions and there are plenty if you do a Google.

For example:

Yea I have looked around, for the moment I’ve opted for the ground anchor choice.

But was really looking to see if anyone knows someone that can professionally install one as I failed to install a secure anchor myself.

Heard good things about this chap :


I got a big thick steel ground anchor made for about £20 with a loop at the top to hold the chain off the ground.
My dad and I dug a big hole between the feature plants my neighbour loves and filled it with cement to hold my anchor in place -obviously the anchor was designed in a such a way that it cant be pulled up and out
Simple except I havent used it for a year as I dont like having my bike on display.

You can get little metal “sheds” just for motor bikes which are lockable and fairly secure - probably more so than a chain beaches no-one knows whats in there if anything…

Google it - i dont know enough to recommend a certain brand so have a look around.

Also, gravel shouldnt give you a puncture - you probably picked it up on the way home…

If your storing the bike you can always get up laid up insurance to protect against theft and fire.

You should be able to drill into the side of your house and fit a shackle or ground anchor to the wall.
Use anchor bolts ( to fix it to the wall.

You’ll need an SDS drill to bore far enough into the brick

Assume you used the anchor bolts that came with it - they are buggers to tighten right up though if you don’t drill the hole with the right size drill bit. Assume that you have not managed to get them tightened all the way hence the wobbly anchor?? As per one of the other posts, you really need a decent drill to get these into concrete i.e SDS hammer drill.

If you’ve made the holes too big, then you could loosen them off and squeeze some “no nails” or similar into the hole leave for 5-10 mins until it starts firming up and gently use a hammer to get them down and then tighten. Bit of a bodge up though, I’d get the right drill and bit and redo it properly though.

Where abouts are you?

I used to keep mine in the loft. Well hidden and out the way

short term…: If you can, try getting a cavity block and get a U shaped bar to put into the block, leaving enough bar out of the block to get a chain through. Fill the cavity block with cement (leaving enough U shaped bar sticking out) and you have something to lock the bike to.It wont stop the bike from being carried away but it will make it more difficult for the time being.

Get bike alarmed and buy a decent bike cover.

You could also try burying the cavity block as well with cement ?

In failing that find a wall to secure the anchor to, make it as difficult as possible.

  • 1 for Andy Anchor Man. He’s done some work for me and is professional, helpful, not expensive and a biker.