Stopping for a breakdown...

Last night I was on my way home from work, last shift as well :smiley: It was 2300hrs and I was coming down the A412 and just before the new roundabout by the Quarry I could see some hazard lights on. I realised it was a scooter and slowed down to do a ‘U-Turn’. I then realised that it was a young lass so made my mind up to stop for her. I turned around once the road opened up and pulled up next to her. She told me the bike had run out of petrol, but the light had only just come on and she hadn’t done the normal amount of miles it could run. She had called her house m8 and was waiting for her and her boyfriend to come down with petrol. I told her I would wait with her cos I wasn’t happy leaving a 17yr old lass at the side of a road with all the weirdos that were driving past. She pushed her bike into one of the lanes off the roundabout and we waited for her m8 to turn up.
I called Dave and told him I was running late so he offered to come down. I told him I’d call if the bike didn’t start once the petrol was in it.
Her m8 turned up and the boyfriend filled the tank, but the battery was now dead so I called Dave who turned up in the Vectra with the jump leads. We jumped the scooter from my ZX6 and she was soon on her way with her m8 and boyfriend following to make sure she got home. They all thanked us and the young lass wanted our address to send us something. I told her not to worry about it, but gave her my number in case she had problems with the bike shop that she bought the scooter from. It was an '09 plate and had cut out on her a few times over the months when she was on the road. She’d taken it to them and left it for days, even weeks and they always made some crap up about how it was fine and she was making it all up. The bike isn’t fit for use in our opinion so I told her to contact Trading Standards and get some advice and quotes from them and take that with her to the shop. I was also prepared to go in with her if needed.
Dave mentioned she’d need a new battery in the meantime as the one she had wasn’t holding the charge.
Here’s hoping she gets it sorted and can enjoy some safe and reliable ‘scootering’. :smiley:

Wen i had my petrol tank drained, i had to push the bike home about a mile and a half and not 1 biker stopped to see if i was ok, nothing! So well done for stopping and helping :slight_smile:

I always slow and gives a thumbs up… if I get one back I ride on, if not I help.

+1 … we stopped to bump start some guy’s bike on one of the night rides…always wondering why they don’t just do that themselves

Rest assured, I’d have stopped for ya m8. I hate to see people suffering.

[b *]+1 … we stopped to bump start some guy’s bike on one of the night rides…always wondering why they don’t just do that themselves* **

I can think of a couple of reasons. Either they don’t know how to because no one has taught them, but more likely these days, the battery is so flat it’s not working the injection pump so your often dead horse flogging.

Remind me. What was so wrong with gravity and carburettors?

when I spot those at the side of the road, I’m usually doing 70 (no really officer) and don’t have time to stop

well done for stopping

I also stop when possible.

Well done for looking out for the young lass, my daughter will be learning to drive very soon and i worry about this sort of thing happening to her once she is fully passed.

I once saw a chap pulled over on the north bound M3 near the M25, i was heading home in the car and it was a friday so i was going to be getting the bike out to head to the Ace. Instead of taking the scenic route i headed up the M3, just in case, and sure enough he was still there. I pulled over to find he had a flat tyre. He said that he had been there for over an hour and not one bike had stopped so we had a quick chat and the recovery guy turned up so i left.

If i see anyone pulled over broken down i always slow up and give the “thumbs up” if ok i carry on if not i pull over. However if there are more than one person with the bike i carry on. You just never know if they are actually considering knicking your bike if you do pull over.

I have stopped a couple of times. Thinking back I think thats all the breakdowns I have seen (thumbs up and reply works well) . Plugged a guy’s tyre once. Do supersport riders carry puncture plug kits ?


There’s nowhere under the rear seat to put one:P

Good on you for stopping. I go by the thumbs up/down signal to see if they need help or not. I’ve stopped for people where possible and giving help/puncture repair kits as appropriate.

Thought so!!! Not even on a BMW. :smiley:

Definately not on the BMW, it has an alarm in there. I might get a small cloth in there but thats about it:w00t:

Alex, No one has as much practice at bump starting a bike as you do!

BTW, you can’t bump start an auto scooter as you have to get the engine turning before the clutch will disengage.

As for stopping, I have stopped several times - a couple of recent ones.

  1. Last summer saw a girl pushing a Vespa in Morden. Stopped ot ask her the problem, she told me the battery kept going flat (once is usually enough for me to try and get a permanent fix!) so I rode home for jump leads, dismantled the back of my bike to get ot my battery and got her going. Escorted her most of the way home. I know, why didn’t I already have jump leads when I have all that spare storeage space!

  2. The summer before, on my way to a meeting in Croydon saw an Aprillia RS 250 on the pavement. The rider had done the brake pads the day before and was on his way to an MOT. He had obviously not reassembled everything right as he had locked up the rear wheel when the brake hose got tangle up in it! A few minutes of heaving with him to try and free the mess, then out came the heavy duty cutters in my first aid kit. Chopped through the hose, freed his rear wheel so he could ride - but he didn’t bother going to his MOT appointment!

+1 that was really good of you. :slight_smile:

When I fell on my arse and was leaning against the barrier on the A20 trying to compose myself, 3 bikers stopped to see if I was ok. It made a big difference at the time.

I nearly stopped for a nervous breakdown last weekend - the sun was shining and the Sunday drivers are back practicing for the Bank Holiday :w00t:

Well…I was helping out again today.

I stopped at the local petrol station in the car and some bloke in an '09 plate Honda 4x4 had a dead battery. So, I thought I’d help jump start his car. He was so happy and thankful…although his wife had a face like a slapped arse cos she’d just been told off for having the radio on while the engine was off…which apparently kills the battery…me thinks he needs a new one! :smiley:

With all this good karma coming my way I think I deserve a nice big lottery win tomoz! :smiley:

your on fire mate,

i always stop, which alot of people dont, cat broke down and could not bump start her bike on finchley road, she pused it for ages before calling me in tears. She was really pissed off noone stopped for her and i was very suprised.

Saying this when we waited and the roundabout the other day on the 125 ride and 30 bikers slowed down and gave the thumbs up while i waited for a about an hour as they got lost!!