Stop me if you've heard this one

Young Cletus was told by his father that he wanted him to share more responsibilty in the running of there ranch which included the nightly patrols of the perimiter fence, So Jethro tells Cletus to go out and check the fences especially the three mile section that followed the route into town “any holes in the fence you patch em boy then check the livestock make sure none have escaped”.

“okay paa” replies Cletus, anyway about an hour later paa gets a call on the CB “paa paa im in trouble” Jethro picks up “wats going boy wat ya gone done” Cletus replies “paa i gone run over a pig & he is stuck in the bars on the front of the truck now he is kicking n squealing and making all sorts of horrible noises” jethro says “now dont be silly boy if he is stuck and in pain then take the shot gun from the back of the truck and point at its head pull that old trigger once he is dead and gone all limp you can pull it from the bars”

“ok paa leave it too me” anyway twenty minutes past and cletus comes back on the CB “paa paa i did what you said and it worked but i still cant move the truck” jethro a little confused says “why boy whats up now” “well” replies cletus “it his motorcycle its jammed underneath”…

Very good.

Could you get the text any smaller??

no thats as small as it goes

hahaha! Good one!